speaker for desktop with nuforce icon 2.

Just purchased icon 2 would like ideas for speakers less the 6" wide.
I would highly recommend the JohnBlue JB3. I used them with the original Nuforce Icon and now with a Jolida FX10 tube amp. They're small, beautifully made and sound incredible for their size and price.

I have an original Icon Integrated and currently use it as a headphone amp and have it connected to my MAC via USB. It's pretty nice, especially for the price. I was thinking of buying a pair of JB3s to go on the desktop. Any regrets with that setup?

Was also thinking of getting the Nuforce Icon HDP for its superior USB DAC and headphone amp. In that case I would get some type of small power amp and the JB3s. What do you think about that possible setup?

Thanks and Enjoy.....

TIC - I don't have any experience with the Icon HDP and don't spend much time listening to headphones so I can't help with either of those questions.

I used the original Icon for awhile as you're describing, connected via USB to a Mac with the JB3's and was very happy with the sound for the price.

When I got the little Jolida FX10 I got a Nuforce uDAC to put between the Mac and the amp. That was an even better combination, the tubes and the JB3's sound wonderful together.

Then I replaced the Nuforce uDAC with an Aune Mini DAC SE, using the USB input from the Mac, and that was a much bigger improvement than I could have imagined.

I'm a big fan of the small Nuforce amps and the uDAC, but especially of the JB3 speakers. I've tried them with every amp I've had in the house, including a Simaudio I-5 LE and an AES AE-25 tube amp, and they always sounded better than I expect.

I don't think you can go wrong with any combination of the above and the JB3's are a great bet no matter what you drive them with.
Cool. Thanks I have some era 4 but not sure the icon2 will have the power. I would also consider another amp but on the fence looking at dreamcatchers, silverline minuets and maybe new psb mini. But pretty sure i'll need more power. Gonna try the era 4 when icon2 arrives.