Speaker for Coincident Dragons Mk 2 ? Help.

Have been pondering for a year now. Budget < 10000$
Only used.
So far the contenders:

Verity Parsifal
Devore Silverback
Reference 3A grand veena.
Devore Orangutan
Verity Amadis (a big stretch)

Have heard them all except Silverback and Reference 3A.

Rest of my system:
Coincident Linestage
Wavelength Cosecant DAC
Rega RP6 with Shelter 501

Current speakers are VA Mozart Grand.
Looking for transparency, rich sound, and a good lower end, musicality very imp.
My room is 20feet wide, 14 feet long (living room and attached kitchen) and I sit 8 feet from the speakers.
Legacy Audio, is the speaker line you should look at for the Dragons. very sensitive ratings and full range floor standing speakers. The Signatures are in your price range.

Hope this helps narrow the field.
Haven't heard of Legacy before.

Seems like it has 4 Ohm impedance, my dragon's have only 8 and 16 ohm tap (although they power my 4 ohm VA Mozart quite well)

Curious, What makes you think Legacy would work well with Dragons ? Have you heard that combo before.
Coincident Pure Reference or Pure Reference extremes
I would add Zu Druid Vs/Definition IIIs to your list.
Nice list you have put together. The Devore Silverback has a lot of word of mouth praise. What did you think of the Orangutans? Have you ruled out Coincident speakers or considered Hornings or the Acoustic Zen Crescendo? Lots of good choices available.
Best of luck,
If you've heard the Verity's and the Orangutan's, which did you prefer?
These are the same speakers (Legacy) that Mike Morrow from Morrow Audio used with a reference system powered by the Dragons. The Legacy's are well re guarded for there ability to work with lower power tube amps. Go check out the Legacy Audio website. They make HIGH quality and great sounding speakers.
Hi Charles,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have ruled out Coincident, heard them at RMAF, they didn't grab me. I love the Orangutans for sure, am wondering if the Silverbacks might be more transparent yet less "musical" or "rich".
I am partial to speakers with a smaller footprint, AZ Crescendo is just too big. Have not heard hornings.

Matt, small world, I actually bought my dragons from Mike Morrow -- great guy. Will look more into Legacy. Thanks.
I'd listen to the Legacy before buying if possible. I've heard them twice (under show conditions which can be misleading sometimes)and they were hifi sounding(maybe the associated components?). I suspect either of the Devores would work very well for you.
You may have ruled out the Coincident speakers for the same reason I ruled out the pricy Legacy Whispers, which sounded bloated and generally awful in an audio store some years ago. I know -- or at least would hope -- that they don't really sound that way.

The Coincidents my friend has (Victory model) sound very good with his Coincident 300B monoblocks except for being light in the bass -- because they have no real woofers. I would assume that other Coincidents, the ones with side-mounted woofers, don't have this problem. Good luck, in any event.
Maybe the Nola Ko would fit for you.
Subframe, Hard to say, I heard them at different times and with very different equipment. All I can say is that I liked them both: Verity and Orangutans.
I missed out twice this summer, suffice to say if either (parsifal, orangutan) of them come up in Agon again I will snap them up.

Markus, Coincident PRE is out of my price range :(

My main quandary is that the only speakers that I am able to find used are Devore Silverbacks and Reference 3A, which seem risky because I have not heard them and they might overpower my room.