Speaker for B.A.T vk-60?

My system :
B.A.T vk - 60
Spectral dmc 10 delta
Arcam fmj 23t

I'm looking for the speaker for vk-60 under 5000$.
Just want to hear liquid, clean, warm mid-rang and deep bass. Sound stage is improtant,too.
I like symphony and strings.

Pleas give me some hints. Your all comments are big help to me.
SYmphony and Strings??
Sonus faber makes instruments sound like instruments and not noise. Try the Cremona
I woudl also recommend the Merlin VSM-m for a completely different sound but equally satisfying.
will vk60 be able to swing Cremona?
maybe another vk60 would be more helpful to use both as monoblocks.
I’ve heard few speakers that are excellent with stereo VK60, but have different presentation.
AudioPhisics Virgo – great soundstage, but slightly bass shy.
Tannoy Churchills. One of the best sounding speakers with this Amp. Warm with bass to die for. I saw few on Audiogon for 6K. If you can afford them and have a lot of space… And I mean a lot of space - they are huge.
Not in the same class, but are really good Tannoy D700.
And finally JM Lab Mezzo Utopia. Lately prices on Utopia line went down and I guess you can find used one for slightly over 5K.
BTW, I bet one of Coincident speakers would sound great with VK60 too.
Good point the older Utopia I think would sound wonderful with the Vk-60. Depending on the size of your room you could do two mini's and have ample bass or do what I would be inclined to do in a large room buy two micros and a sub!
Let us know where you end up going!
Save your $$ and buy a pair of Von Schweikert VR4 later generations if you want to spend more(maybe the III OR SIGS).
Try to get them used first.

you will get a real full sonic spectrum from 20hz to the highest Frequencies your hears can perceive,transparent,big bold room filling sounds with huge soundstage and best of all they mates perfectly with tube amps!

15 watts and up,I use a tube amp with 50w of power output and it screams if you want it to be.
So the VK60 power will make them really sing and the bass ohhhhh.. those VR4 bass..!!.
2nd the audio physic Virgo reccommendation. Buy one of the Audio physic subs if you don't think there is enough deep bass. And still say under 5k. I never had a issue with my VK60 driving my Virgo's. Had that combo for 3 years.
Hi, 2live4u!

Try Triangle Ventis XS or, if they're too big, the Zays XS(still pretty big) or some smaller modell.
They're fantastic with tube amps, but watch out - they might be 2fast4u!

Best regards,
I used to have the vk-60 monos in my system and paired them with the Genesis 300 speakers. This was an excelllent combo. You will not get "deep bass" out of the vk-60's. But when combined with the dedicated bass amp of the Genesis speakers, you wll retain the clean, warm and liquid mid-range the vk-60's provide and, generally speaking, will achieve much better bass performance than you would otherwise by triying to drive almost any other speaker full range with the vk-60's.

Another suggestion is the Dunlay SC-IVa's. The IV-a's go pretty low and have a sensity of 91db. I've heard this combo a few times and it is really nice. With Dunlay out of business you should get a great price on the IVa's. But unfortunately "size matters" and the IVa's are big.

As an aside, I traded my vk-60's for vk-150se's and I run Dunlavy SC-VI's. The low bass is excellent but I wouldn't say that my system produces "deep bass".

If deep bass is a primary objective, if I were you I would either pick a speaker that is amenable to bi-amping or one that integrates well with a sub-woofwer. You won't get deep bass out of the vk-60's.