Speaker Fetish

I don't know if I am alone or not but I like speakers. I have a pair and am not looking to replace them but I find myself drawn to looking into new speakers all of the time. I don't know if I should go to a shrink or is this normal? Any coments? DO I NEED HELP?????
It's not normal you're sick...I do the same thing with amps.
Yea,you guys are both sick;Jeez,get help before it's to late. I have a Jadis 7mk4 and it works just fine. I bought a CJ5 to see how it sounds. Now My Aerial 10Ts; don't know what I'm gonna do/ I would like a pair of them there Halles Transcendense 8's. I'm sure we can get group rates.
Yeah, I'm with you. I need a larger house with multiple rooms just to have a chance to listen to all the stuff sitting in closets that is great but don't get to listen to all the time. I have a set of Green Mountain Diamantes in the closet that I get a need to listen to but they are a pain to set up so I don't do it often.
I think its just a hobby thing. Can't say man thing, cause their are many women we don't know about, in this hobby too. We are in sane. I think were so drawn into this hobby that were always thinking there's better out there. I'm happy with my equip., just a couple more things and I'll be done. I believe you need to find a speaker you can be happy with and do alot of home auditions with different amps/pre's till you find the right combo, its out there; just takes alot of leg work to find it. Once you do, hopefully you'll be happy. My theory is keep those speakers or buy some you can live with, and improve on the pre/amp/cables. Then stop and try to enjoy what YOU created. I've listened to many recommendations, but they are just that, you need to find it for yourself. And alittle help from above(Audiogon nuts). Enjoy
I hear ya man. Got the same disease, my home is starting to look like a stereo store. I am going to find that perfect one yet. But having all of those speakers around makes comparisons real kool.
All i can say is that i'm glad i'm not alone : ) Sean
Pcc, just keep telling yourself that you are about done, just a couple of more things..... Yea, just one more drink, I 'll stop, I swear it. Looks like we are going to have to do another intervention!!
I know, I know...The speakers I see pictured in the ads look like big pieces of candy. My head about exploded when I saw the lacquered Merlins. And when I read the reviews, forget about it. And those new Burmesters...i'll never have savings account.
My B&W's are my main squeeze, but I've been seeing a pair of Uno Avantgarde's on the side - can't help myself, all those curves just slay me.
I know what you mean. Just when you get your dynamic driver speakers sounding as good as they can you start to think....mmm...I wonder if I could get even better sound if I get ribbons or maybe even some electrostatics! It never ends!! If it's not the speakers, it's the pre amp, amp, ect.

It sure is fun to open up the boxes from UPS & FedX to try out the new "different" toys!!!
i have always wanted some expensive speaker or other. My budget is like 2k maybe 3k but I WANT some 10k+ types. So I stare at them longingly and never buy. Though I plan 1 more big speaker purchase before I croak! And if I save a few thou could actually buy some of the big boys toys.
I don't have that longing with other audio stuff.. maybe cars I wish I could buy next (Mazda's rotary, Nissan new Z, that wild Mitsu prototype... or a plain ol Corvette,Yellow please.)
Ahhhh I am not alone
Can I join in on the Group Rate for a Shrink, I think I have CBD(complusive Buying Disorder) But I'm not a speaker freak. I love cables, I have AudioQuest, Tara, XLO, and more power cords.
Maybe we should have group therapy, with a 12 step program.
guys & gals: ya' know it's a lot cheaper if your collection compulsion involves software rather than hardware. me, i have about 5k lp's and 1.3+k cd's. roughly 400 lp's (mostly mfsl's and other "audiophile" albums) and 100 cd's (nearly all promo's and pre-releases) have never been opened or played. may sound crazy, i know. but i betcha' my stuff's appreciated in value a great deal more than your stuff. admittedly, i'd like to have 6 or 8 systems comparable to my "main" and only setup. but i don't have the $$ or the space (all that software, ya know) -kelly
Tireguy, I'd be worried if you were solely attracted to ported speakers (if you know what I mean).
I prefer sealed or electrostats/planer speakers, both would be a neat trick in refrence to your coment but I do appreciate your concern, I have blow up dolls for that, duh!
L&G's please stop I can't take much more of this laughing; a guy's got to breath occasionally. "Welcome to the club" as ole' Joe Walsh would put it. I think I have enough hardware sitting around at the moment for about 3 rigs. Good thing I'm out of room now for any more boxes.
......I'm now sort of in Bob's boat-- two systems, 5 CD players, no room for boxes. ........I do have a "thing" for amps though-- can't seem to shake it-- all that power etc etc etc:>) Craig
I agree with the boxes, I wish I could throw them away.... They do take up so much space and guess what? There's nothing in them. My wife said to dump the boxes, I already to the epuip out. Okay I want in on the group rate.
Eventually I will stop or my wife will make me sleep in my empty boxes. But who cares, I have enough boxes to make a pretty comfortable apartment in the basement. Sign me up for the group rate tim.
Me, Iam single. A big house,4 bedrooms,1 for the equipment 1 for the boxes, and 1 empty one for my tube system one day. One never seem,s to be satisfied with the sound of one,s system.
The ups and fed ex guy never arrives quickly enough.
Iam happy with my speaker,s if i could juuusstt,place them juuussst right.The uno,s would be cool with a set of cary 805,s.
I must admit i have a thing for speaker,s. It set,s the stage for a non audiophile when they see big speaker,s , and inside you just grin, what a hobby.
I can,t beleive amongst us, there isint a desent shrink. But all chip in for a little help.
Yes, we are sick. When I day dream about my retirement home in Maui I will probably never own it is mostly about the stereo I will (won't) have there. Tireguy, if it's just speakers with you, your not that bad. If there is a shrink on this site please help us.
It's bitch aint it! I'm waiting on some speaker cables for my HT rig now, don't really even need em, well yeah I do sortof. I've got my face pressed against the front window searching for brown trucks. Sometimes when they rudely pass by I chase em down, they used to freak out but now they just speed up and scream MAYBE TOMORROW!
Fetish! You guys are not kidding!!!. Ask my wife and kids. I simply hug my big Dunlavy V's almost everyday! I know where each(400+) of my CDS is. But can't care for the home video ( kid's evolution..) collection, even though that should be the priority. Ya I can relate to UPS truck stories and the extra cables you don't need but just have to have it just in case.
The fetish never leaves either. I thought I was over it. HA. I was hardcore from about 1987-1994. About '94 I realized I was so busy working and coaching youth sports (3 boys) I had no time. So I downgraded (GASP). I bought nothing until 2001. I decided I wanted to integrate audio with video so I needed a new preamp. Next thing ya know I have new preamp/processor, amps, digital processor, transport, speakers.... Oh no I'm hooked again. I love it,
but my family doesn't understand. They think I'm nuts. Well I probably am, but at least I'm not alone. Seven years on the wagon and now I'm a lush again. God I missed this.
Think of this as a "roast". I tried hard to offend everyone. Some of you just made it tooooo easy for me.
I worked the thread starting backwards.BTW,this is how I live my life,.I hope it shows!!
Jmcgrogan;...Not sure if they have AA(audiophiles anonymous)But,if they do "get with the program"/soon.
Nithepill:....Keep huging those Dunleavys....I can see where this marriage is heading./Not t'wards the VI's either.
Pops:....Quit chasing the UPS truck/aint you got a dog for that?-----get one!!
jsbial: If your sick;see a Dr.,and quit indulging in dreams of grandeur. You and tire guy joined at the hip?
Steven_kh......Single?, big house? tried the blindfolded with 6 girls(see blind listening thread) Happy with your speakers? ...You are going to have to chip in extra. Tooo many problems" If I could "juuuusssst"........ My Butt !!
Pcc:....Empty box fetish?? Practicing on "How to live on the street?" You may be just an amp and speakers away,but you know better than I.
Garfish:......You and Bob joined at the hip?? I mean how many cd players does it take? No that's not the begining of a "Polish" joke. Amps and power?;Ya been sticking your tongue in the receptical long?
Bob_ bundas:.....Joe Walsh? What were you doing in the early 70's? Didn't you mom tell you not to attach yourself to people like that? You must have done more "smoke" than him. With 3 rigs;your probably 1 rig short of an erector set.
Tireguy:...Your doll got a date for Fri.? Blowup dolls "AND" audio problems?I never said a thing;I'm sure you know a vented port has fewer complications...?
Cardinal:....Get your own doll!!Leave Tireguy alone!! & NO!!,he doesn't know what you mean.
Cornfedboy:....What's this compulsion with "software- hardware"? Gotta make up your mind/soon.Yes, all that "unopened" is a problem.We just don't like to use the "crazy" word around here.
Tireguy:...Again?....You may have a problem with one step/ don't lets get to many steps ahead of ourselves.
Briwire:...Yes;you can join in the group rate,if we can find somebody "crazy" enough to take us.(ssshhh)
Tireguy: again,again. Yes you are alone. You been watching to many movies like ET,Starman,Close Encounters,and the like.Beam this boy up,Scotti.
Elizabeth:....Visions of granduer;another one!!Get those big speakers soon,and a new pair of eyes. "life is short;eat your desert first".
Darrell:... "mmm" In addition to audio problems;wha'sup with the "ribons" and "different toys"?We may have to take you first.
Zootallures:.....Have you hugged yourB&Ws today?? Knock it off; get a life!! Yes, you can help yourself. Well maybe not but that's what we're here for.
Ohlala:....Kock it off with the "candy" references. This is an audio site!! Same with the "Exorcist" reference.
No_money:....Just admitting you have a problem is the first step/ wish I could say you were in good company. I've read all these posts; It just isn't so.Lets just say you have "lots" of company.
Sean:... Yes, you are alone...Are you home? And if that's "all" you can say/ lucky for us.
Gjrad:....Got a disease?? "kool" /don't you know what smoking does? How long before the place looks like a store?
Pcc:...Yes, there are a lot of women we don't know about;...Didn't yer mom tell you about them? Your post reads like an instruction book on " Choosing a wife""home auditions" "finding a speaker you can be happy with" "different amps with pre amps" the right speaker/or buy some you can be happy with?"Are we on the same page??For the group rate your share will be Xs 10. / Very ill.
Rhljazz:....Your coming out of the closet..This is a good thing /Oh, I reread,/ your stuff is in the closet.You should do the Green Mt.Diamantes more often.
avguygeorge:..... Got any friends left?? Not after this,I would suspect.
Mattman:.....How would any of us know what normal is? Just what is it you do with amps? With the prior references to blowup dolls / thats ok,you're among friends.
Tireguy:..... The instigatior!! "I like speakers?" "Drawn into looking"---"all the time?""Do I need help?".....If you have to ask; of course you do.....Nice ride! Dunlaps/ or Bridgestones?
Th, Th, Th,Thats all folks.Anyone who read all this; Bib,Big discount.
Thanks for the laugh George. It's good to see that i'm not the only one that posts "novels" here. Next time, try and let it ALL out. You'll feel much better and won't have to drive to the shrink's office until next week... : ) Sean
I do not have the dreaded disease that the rest of you are testifying about. However, my compassionate nature leads me to offer you a solution. So that you can rid yourself of the shame and guilt you feel, I will accept donations of equipment from your closets -- I will burden myself so that you can be free. Please, no junk or broken things. You will realize the benefits of this charitable program only if you send me quality, fully functional equipment with at least a 8/10 Agon rating. Imagine how good you will feel when you tell your significant other that you cleaned out your closets for the good of a charitable cause. However, I must divulge that your donations will not be tax deductible. That would only compromise your motives in renouncing your equipment fetish and, again, prevent you from enjoying the maximum level of benefits of this program. Best of luck to you all. E-mail me for details.
Jayboard:....You think we're all from Oklahoma,or sompen? That $100,000 I sent to Tammy Baker didn't help "me" much.You're shucking me ;right?? "Compassionate nature" ; my butt." "I do not have the dreaded disease " When you got it; it blocks your ability to see it .Get out of the closet /or take off the "rose" colored glasses!!!
I categorically deny the charges implicit in the disinformation AVGuy has posted. This donation program I am running for sicko audiophiles simply has to be tried to be believed. You'll be astonished how much better you feel. I failed to mention a value-added service I offer as part of the program. If you send me an e-mail of your unused equipment, I will identify, at no cost to you, which pieces it will do you the most good, in terms of psychic benefit, to send to me. Kind of an astrology thing I've got going.
He sounds legit to me gentlemen. Jayboard, will you accept some Krell and Mark Levinson equipment even if its over 4 years old with no OBM? I think it would help me feel better. What do you say guys, let's send Jayboard our stuff.
No offense Jayboard but I'll send you some belly button lint, you will NEVER get my audio gear. They will never take me alive I will go out in a blaze of glory, HAHA!
Avguygeorge, I'm glad to see you spent all your time reading and analyzing all our post. You have taken quite an interest in our interest. I sure your time and devotion to all of us is greatly appreciated. Does this mean you are a shrink and are willing to give us the group rate or are you just bored with yourself. Pete
Thanks,Pcc just gave me an idea. Send me your $$$$;and send your equipment to Jayboard;maybe Jay/IS/bored?This drivel just flows. I do it on the fly,in no time and I'm sure it shows.The quality of drugs you get today just ain't what it used to be. Speaking on this subject : Tireguy,you should think about cutting back on the Viargra.Blowup dolls are great as a part time indulgence; but NOT a full time occupation. Respnding and analyzing is fun.It's just all the time it takes to look up the spelling of the complicated words. Like :BTW,myCJ5s are in 4 an upd8,so yes, a bit bored,thanks for your in-dull-gents.
Wow avguygeorge your right after those dolls of Tireguy. I think you have a doll fetish. Okay avguy, I'll send you some boxes. Will find someone with money to send you $$$, cause I don't have any. Everybody send your used equip to Jayboard. Tireguy would you stop holding out, avguy wants that damn doll of yours, so ship it to him will ya. Avguy enjoy the doll and I expect to see a thread on your new adventures with the doll. Also avguy have a good day and please come back and visit, sometimes we need alittle excitement on this site and you have provide us with that. See ya Pete
Avguy I would gladly ship you Ms. Rightnow but I don't have any boxes that I am willing to part with, sorry. Ah I got it maybe if I deflate her and jam her into an envelope and stick a whole lotta stamps on the envelope then I could send it right through United States Postal service. Or better yet I have a buddie how just picked up a love sheep(it is an inflatable sheep)as a joke, maybe I could send that too, it might be more your style. Well let me know, hopefully I will not here from you, hehehehehe.
Pcc:...."I expect to see a thread on your new adventures with the doll".??..... No, I don't kiss and tell(the sign of a true gentleman). Of course;you wouldn't know about that,now woodja? Just going to have to wait till the video comes out.Tireguy:.... Don't remember you as one of the "box-fetish" control group. This must be an "on -the- fly" excuse so as not to part with Ms Rightnow. BTW : I find the sheep to be a bit, "less- critical". The last doll I had; in the middle of a passionate moment, I bit her on the neck,she got angry and flew out the window / hissing loudly!!..... Now you probably understand my need for "less- critical".... Listen,I can see this is just a ruse, to cover up your "audi-neurosis". Lets see the money/so we can get to the "real" work that has to done.With enough money you all can be helped. (hopefully,but not to be construed as an absolute guarantee) Tireguy: "lots" of money would more applicable/time payments/with good credit.And that's all the credit I'll give you. The doll/sheep will come in a plain brown wrapper/I expect!!
You guys all know how it is ;just after reading a great review;you imagination starts cooking. Well, one of the comercials on site, gave me an idea. Forget about Ms. Rtnw/ or sheepish "Shirley".....(yes she has a name already) Tireguy;you ever had a "crash test dummy" modified?? Seems like they would expect it "rough". You know; I used to have some (limited)semblance of normality till started hanging with you guys.
There all yours and I appreciate your concern for my mental imbalance Avguy. I have been trying to do something but nothing seems to work, I have been joking about the dolls but maybe it would be a solution if you have any send them to me maybe it could help, ah never mind I'll just buy another set of speakers.....That is my answer to everything, at least it is not crack, though it would probably be cheaper and I would get no less respect then I do now. Any suggestions for speakers or shrinks or better yet a shrink with a good sound system. nOw i'M rEalLy exCitEd tHerE is nO eNd tO tHis prEdicAmeNt soRrY aBoUt tHe tyPinG bUt mY viSiOn haS gOnE bLurRY.......i gOtTA GoooOOo
Well avguy you are a true gentlemen. So if you won't kiss and tell. What are you buying next. On a serious note, if we can find one. It seems you are pleased with your current system. What is it? And don't tell me Bose. With a name like avguygeorge, you must have some good empty boxes laying around. So let the cat out of the bag, what ya got.
I myself am a Martin Logan guy, thou I shouldn't be cause there customer service sucks. But I love the sound, what's a guy to do.

To back thread a bit. The reason I let my better half feel like she has some say in what I purchase for my ever growing system is cause this shit is expensive and at least she knows why she doesn't have a new suv in the driveway, because it's sitting in the living room. I kinda figured I'm not the only one that has that problem. So I thought I'd help my fellow audio nuts. I figure I get her into it and she feels its partial hers. So of to the store for a new component, hell its only money and I can't take it with me. Pete

PS: Glad to see you and the tireguy are coming to some kind of agreement with this damn doll shit. Get over it, I'll send the boxes(cause I have many) and I'll even pay postage.
Ok guys, you want to get serious huh?? Sorry,don't know how.I was hoping to find info on that CTD dummy modification. Some one said Sig. Freud said there is no such thing as "merely" a joke. Ok on to audio. Now we find our resident Psychologist is a worst case offender. I have boxes in 3 dif. rooms.Stacked to the celing in one. I have2 boxes that are 30 years old.Yup still have the product that came in them. According to some of, you the boxes may be worth more than what came in them.At least sutible for a home, away from home.
What cha got? Me, got Aerial 10 Ts, CJ premier 5s also a Jadis 7mk 4,CAT 3, Theta Gen5a with the 24/96 mod;Purcell upsampler, Theta data 3, VPI 4 table rb 300 arm,glider, A sansui "tuna"at least 10k in cables Synergetic-the A.S."box"their dig links ics and speaker wire.(at least 8k in cables I don't use)Power cords: k.cobra,top gunn,2 sy research ref ones,Aural symphonics(2).(and more)

The "vid" part of avguy: Pioneer elite rr projection 60 incher. Pioneer elite dv09, Citiation 7.0 combined with MSB's 2x something that has a 24 pin cable into the 7.0 2,1k vcrs, and a 2k vcr(jvc 8000) A Chang 1,000,and a Custom Power block Also a Music Ref 9 Mk2, a Moscode 600 Aerial cent and surrounds, A Sony modified satt. receiver,that has a coax out. Oh yeh,there's more but it's small stuff and all must be bored to tears.
You go alot of extra stuff, you need to hook Jayboard up. And if your giving out x-mas presents early, you can throw me anything you don't want. Prefer amp and x-over for the 2 subs I want to add for music.

PS: Looks like you've look out the window quite a few times
waiting for the UPS........
Pcc.... Wrong about the "look out the window" / Don't have a window that faces the street.As an apt dweller my window overlooks the dumpsters.I paid extra for that;and it's well worth it. As far as the UPS driver goes;I have this remote activated tire strip, the cops use, for the UPS guy.
I am gald to find I am not alone. I need a larger house for all the old equipment I never sell. Has anyone else tried to get a huge pair of Electostatic speakers in to a closet? The walls will never look the same..lol. My wife is just as bad as me, She says why sell it you may need it some day. Then theres the boxes! Hell I just may need them someday. The garage is full of equipment boxes. Thank GOD I am not into like Cars or Boats.. Oh well such is life in front of the speakers
Vegasears, take those electrostats out of the closet and send them to me.
But Pcc where are you going to put the BIG boxes that they will come in? Seeing as Pcc has not the room for the speakers and the boxes you could send them to me and I will tend to the speakers and the boxes. My address is......
Good thread Tireguy.......,but it looks like Avguy is going to need a rubber room-- just tell him it's for resonance control, and he should smile happily and give you money. And hey, you're even in the right business to take care of this ;>) Cheers. Craig.
But if iam the only single guy with a big house Iam in deep s$%78.
Look,you guys were already cracked up;don't go giving me credit for that.You "audiophiles"are a weird bunch. I may have to open up global franchises. I can hear the cash register "ringing" in 27 foreign languages. Dekay:....I know listeners' preference dictates "room treatments";and YES,"a rubber room" will just about eliminate "slap-echo", within the room.I get a certian am't of that, within my head;.....any sugestions?
Vegasears:...... You are blessed;indeed,having married a woman of "vision". Oh,and don't send those speakers, boxes,etc off. As I see it the "un-complicated" "solution" would be to just buy the house next door. There,there,now;That was probably easier than you thought it was going to be.....? The Dr. is in:>> Treatments for the mind,soul,your overall well being;and,or, your room whichever is in the greatest of need.