Speaker experience/recommendation for CJ Classic60SE

I have an opportunity to replace an old CJ  MF200 w/ the above for a very favorable price.  Not my primary system - CJ PV11 and Mirage M5si in a teaching/music writing studio but wondering what a more modern speaker might be better suited to the Classic 60SE. Of course it may make the Mirage even better,  it's still an interesting and engaging speaker

The new amp may not have quite enough power power to drive the M5's. If you don't have a big room and listen at high volumes, you'll probably be OK.  If you do a lot of off axis listening, you may want to keep the M5's. If not, the Vandersteen Model 1's would be a good choice. Easier to drive, and they do things the Mirage can't do. But they have a sweet spot, and if you're not in it the difference will be noticeable.