speaker driver matching??

Is there somewhere I can send a pair of drivers where they can be tested and then matched - say as a speaker manufacturer would tune their crossovers to balance the drivers. Could this be an upgrade path?
Unless I'm confused, what you are asking is impossible. When doing DIY speakers, you can buy "matched pairs" of drivers. This is where the supplier goes through their large supply of drivers and picks ones that are close in value to each other and sells them as a matched set.

You couldn't take two drivers and make them "matched". There is a chance they may already be matched, but if they aren't, you aren't going to make them that way.
S7horton. Don't speaker builders do this all the time with their crossovers?
Loudspeakers are designed as a whole.The crossover might beable to be upgrade as could the transducers but the total loudspeaker design would need to be taken into account. What model are you thinking of upgrading?
psacanli, i think you and i are talking about two different things. you are talking about matching drivers in the same cabinet with a crossover, while i am talking about matching the same driver in all cabinets. ie the tweeter in both speakers so the same crosover design works in both speakers. so, no speaker builders do not do this all the time with the crossover.

to make my point more clearly, you can buy a pair of morel tweeters in a matched pair. but, you could not have a pair of seas tweeters in your possesion and send them away to be matched.