Speaker dilema

Ok, I now have a CARY CAI-1 Integrated. A nice CD player and turntable (i'm mainly an analog guy). I still need some direction with speakers. My room is 16x25. I originally was thinking about 2 way monitors but now considering full range floorstanders. I'll be listening to jazz and classic to alternative rock...no heavy metal here so don't need bone crushing bass. I will eventually upgrade electronics to separates when budget allows. Oh yeah, my speaker budget is $2500 max not a penny more. It looks like I should be able to get a good used pair on the Gon. Please, I need suggestions here. Thank you!
A used pair of Audio Physic Virgo IIs or a new pair of Vandersteen 2CE Signatures will fit the bill. The Virgo
sold for $5500 new. In my opinion, it one of the great speakers of all time. Both will benefit from more power but will work fine with the Cary.

Good luck in your search.

One of the great classic speakers available on audiogon now for a great deal:


I have a pair of Snell B Minors and I can say they are one of the most satisfying and versatile speakers you can find. From small jazz combo and chamber music to full scale orchestral and hard rock, they are phenomenal.
A pair of Gallo Ref 2s or the Revelations-both under $2K.
That is a pretty good sized room. I would suggest a used pair of JM Lab Electra 926 or 936. They have killer soundstaging, don't need huge amounts of power, and do all the audiophile tricks while still sounding musical. They are killer bargains these days. If you opt for the smaller one (which I own), use the extra money to upgrade your cables and/or buy music. That's my suggestion.

jbl 4430 studio monitor
I would look at dunlavy sc3 or sc4 should mate well with the cary; I ran sc3 with cary slam 100 amps and the sound was excellant once the speakers were set up properly.
What's the power output of your Cary? If its enough, used Vandy 3Asigs, would fit your budget. IIRC, someone had a pair for sale with a 2WQ sub for a very good price and that would work even if your amp was a bit on teh small side, power wise. No relation, etc.
I second Gallo Ref II's. I run VTL 25 watt tiny triodes on them and they sound fantastic! The bass is pretty darn good too. They can be over bright with the wrong equipment. They work best out in the room.
Used Silverline SR 17.5 would be my choice.
A used pair of Merlin VSM with a BAM; I think you should be able to find one of the older models in that price range.
Well, that settles it! LOL