Speaker designs such as Magico & YG vs. older Avalons, etc.?

I have much experience with older designs such as Avalon, but no listening experience with more recent speaker company designs such as Magico, YG etc.

 I'm in the market for a $10-$20,000 loudspeaker and I can get a lot for my money with preowned, older, designs, but I'd like to know if the more recent speakers designs are good enough that I should focus on them at their retail prices.

 I'm interested in thoughts and experience with these two sides of the spectrum. Thanks 

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I like Magico q3 at 20k used wonderful speaker must have best electronics and cables to sound the best Its you ears and your money you must choose.
It depends on a lot things. For instance what electrics you have and what kind of music you like. For the 'New School' speakers, I have auditioned YG Carmel, Magico S1, S5 and Wilson Sasha, Sabrina, Sophia. Among those I've auditioned, Magico S5 is my topic pick.