Speaker Decision Help--Please

I am debating between speakers. I will be using the speakers 50% for music and 50% for home theatre. My wife and I listen to a variety of music; I like blues, she likes country. I have a Sherbourn 7 ch, 200 watt amp with PT 7000 pre/pro. I am debating between a used set of B&W N803's versus new Revel F30's. I have listened to both at different times and places both sound great. I am having difficulty deciding and would greatly appreciate your opinions. Are there any particular reasons why you would select one over the other?

Also, I like the sound of tubes and may in the future add a tube amp for music. Would either of these speakers be better suited for tubes?
Hi There:
Regarding the speakers I would recommend the B&w's. The 803 is excellent. It has wonderful clarity and suffecient bass grunt that will be first rate in both home theater and music. The B&W's present a very deep and wide soundstage. Revel makes some great speakers in their "High End". In my opinion the F30's don't compare with the 803's. What ever you do don't settle for the B&W 804's. Much smaller soundstage and very light in the lower regions. Get the music right first. Home Theater will also sound good, just ad a sub. Good luck. H@ppy Sounds/51derrill
Totally agree with derrill. Both the Revel F-30's and
B & W 803's are great speakers, but the B & W is
significantly better than both the F-30 and the B & W
804's. The F-30's are not as coherent as the 803's
and there is a huge drop-off from the 803 to the 804's.

I question the choice of a tube amp with the B & W's,
though. B & W's are notoriously hard to drive. I heard
the 803's driven by a Plinius SA-250. That was a great combination. You need some power to drive the
B & W's. Check out Plinius Amps while you're at it.