Speaker decision $3000-3500...help

I have been around auditioning speakers around the $3000-3500 mark.

I am looking for speakers that are musical, open, dynamic with a hint of warmth!
I listen to Soft Rock, Pop and some House/Dance music.
Mostly multi-track and digitally amplified stuff.

I have auditioned PSB, B&W, GoldenEar and Amphions.
I was most pleased with Amphion Helium 520s, since they are very engaging and natural sounding. Jack of all trades.

If you think there are other speakers for my preferences in the price range of 3000-3500, please guide me, i will audition them as well.

Otherwise i will pull the trigger on the Amphions and will need suggestions for Amplification for them. Budget would be $1500.

Please, any advice either on speakers or amplification would be appreciated.
In the mid price range Onkyo is the only brand what can create a deep and wide stage.

A little higher: Primare and Pathos.

In higher price ranges there are a lot more: Pass, Krell and Dan D'Agostino etc.

* When you use Pass labs poweramps and a source like the Lumin S1 ( we are Lumin dealer as well) you can create with the Platinum series a much bigger holographic stage compared to many speakers like: Kef en B&W.

Beside these I compared the stage of the Platinum with the Wilson Audio Sasha2. This was also with Pass labs. The stage of the Platinum was wider and deeper. But within the stage instruments and voices are much more palpable and 3 dimensional.

The outcomming Platinum will be superior to the older ones. The ribbontweeter is bigger and wider. This will create a stunning holographic stage. Roksan uses the same ribontweeter in a speaker. We never auditioned such a wide and deep stage with a 2D amp. Very promissing.

It is much more open than Diamond/beryllium tweeter and even less harsh.

The new subwoofer will be unique as well. It will have 2 times 15 inch bass units with both their own amp. But they will use ceramic with alluminium drivers with the same way the Gold series connected their drivers. This is more from the centre of the unit. It will have the fastest response in the market. The timing will be a lot faster than the slow Velodyne subwoofers. They will even go lower than the 18 inch Velodyne.

Beside this the Pl-500 will be the Flagship of 20.000 euro. This will be a competitor of the B&W 802D3. I will buy them myslef as well and I can promiss you one thing: I will invite B&W for a shootout. Prepare yourself B&W!!
I've try to drive a pairs of Dynaudio Focus 110 using Class D Audio power amp SDS-400C, with amazing results, a little speakers can become so powerful if you give them enough clean quality and quantity of power, but not all speakers benefit from more power, some traditional designed speakers suffer from too much power, it just cannot go beyond certain dynamic level, but clean power does contribute better on transparency
I've spent the past 6 months searching for just the kind of speakers you're describing. The search culminated with a visit to RMAF last month to compare the finalists in one place. My final choice may surprise you, but it's worth checking into. For me, it came down to the Goldenear Triton 2 and the Spatial Audio M3. I went with the Spatial Audio M3. It has a much more natural sound, has excellent detail and imaging, yet still has the right amount of warmth. And it's half the price of the Triton 2. The Spatials are relative newcomers, but they're won't be obscure very long. The reviews have been outstanding, and the product is unique and special. It's well worth checking out.