Speaker Daze Budget of 1500-2000

I am currently building a new basement system starting with a rotel 1080 amp. Room diminsion are approx 20 x 14. Listening taste are wide ranging from jazz to country. I have narrowed the speaker list to Totem Hawks/Staff, Von Scweikert vr-2 and possibly a floor stander from B & W. Not too familiar with B&W but I understand it is a good combo with Rotel. Will also be used for HT but not a factor in the original purchase. Budget is base on a used speaker.

I picked up a pair of Gallo Refernce 3's about 6 months ago and have been blown away by just how good this speaker is! Works well with SS amps like your Rotel, I'm using with McCormack DNA-1 and it's a wonderful match.
It's on the high end of your budget, but you can find them around for 2k or so, and it's worth it. See the Stereophile and Ab Sound reviews for vaildation, but these speakers make great music.
Good luck!
Read the VR2 set up instructions http://www.vonschweikert.com/manuals/manual_vr_2.pdf

They'd probably work in your room, but I get the sense they like a bigger space.

I decided the VR2s were too much speaker for my room (and my wife) and went with the Hawks. Don't regret the decision, though if I had to do it over, I might just bite the bullet and go for the Forest, which you sometimes see here for 2 large.
my room is pretty close to that size and my Sttafs are perfect. I have them about 4 1/2ft into the room from the wall, and my listening position is about 4ft in from the back wall. After trying many configs, this was ideal. I added a subwoofer (Rel Storm III) as they need it for the Prog Rock I like to listen to. For a lot of other music they may not need it (I'm a deep bass freak). With your budget you may be able to pick up a pair used plus a used Rel sub.

If you don't want to go the subwoofer route, you may want to opt for the Hawks although they don't go much deeper than the Sttafs (ie 33Hz vs 38Hz low point), or the Von Schweikerts.

I have used them in my home theater system too.