Speaker Cover Cloth?

I have to move my Kharma speakers into a room where the kids play, and am thinking it would be nice to have a good quality cloth cover or bag of some type to throw over the speakers. Does anyone else do this, and are there nice speaker cover cloths made anywhere? I am thinking about a quality black velour in a round tube configuration that I would just throw over the top of the speaker when not in use.
If you are looking for something practical as well as good-looking google custom amp covers I have several for musical instrument equipment
Believe it or not, for speaker covers, I went with a large soft fabric laundry bag which was purchased from Walmart. Use it to cover my Avalon Asendants when they are not being used. An inexpensive solution that works.
There’s loads of companies out there to contact:
Tuki Covers
Speaker Works

If I were doing this, I’d head over to the local fabric store, pick out something that worked with the room/wife, some batting, some interior liner, and go to the bulletin board/store owner and pick out somebody who does furniture type stuff (cushions, pillows). Give them the dimensions (even a cutout to accommodate cable) and have something that’s a bit less industrial.

My fear with kids is that they’d be lulled into a false sense of security, and you might find that fabric doesn’t stop baseball bats or darts very well the next time you pull off the cover! YMMV.

I use two flannel queen size pillow cases when I go out of town for a week or more.
Is there any way to electrify the speakers? Maybe one of those dog fences.