Speaker Cover Cloth?

I have to move my Kharma speakers into a room where the kids play, and am thinking it would be nice to have a good quality cloth cover or bag of some type to throw over the speakers. Does anyone else do this, and are there nice speaker cover cloths made anywhere? I am thinking about a quality black velour in a round tube configuration that I would just throw over the top of the speaker when not in use.
I would suggest building box-cabinette around speaker with pad-locked door.
If you need to listen you can open the cabinette and enjoy the music while your eye is on your system.
Marakanetz-that's funny. It made think maybe about the protective cage for musicians in rowdy southern biker bars in front the speakers.
No need for the cloth.give the kids a rundown on how to use the remote.& If the speakers aren't to hi they can use them to put there peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on them..just a thought..
Actually, I did have a large cabinet made, which also included two side compartments just big enough for the speakers. Not ideal soundwise I know...
I just had an episode where one of the speakers shattered, and I am speculating that having the speaker in an enclosure may have set up enough vibrations to cause the problem. Anyway, no more cabinet for me- but I just want to protect the nice finish of the speakers from any accidents.
Still looking for a nice cloth cover- surprised that more of us on the forum don't use any kind of slip cover.
I made some nice acoustic panels using fabric from Guilford of Maine. They make acoustically transparent fabric with many colors/ patterns. You can even order samples.

I would try to find a seamstress or quilter in your local area and have them make you something. Visit a sewing store and ask around.