Speaker Coupling to Carpet

I am moving to a new house with a carpeted finished basement. There is padding under the carpet with a concrete floor below the padding. What is the best method to couple 70 and 100 pound tower speakers and a 150 pound subwoofer to the floor to prevent vibration and keep the speakers rock steady.

Thanks for any advice.
You could try Audiopoints. They're available with a 30 day MBG.
Or get some type of spikes to pierce the carpet and padding and onto the concrete.
Um...Fife...that's what Audiopoints do.

Here's a link: http://www.audiopoints.com/threadedspecs.html
Audiopoints would work quite well here. I've never tried them against concrete flooring but my understanding is that one should reap even greater sonic benefits.

By the way, with the Audio Points geometry, you need not worry about them getting through the carpeting and pad as they actually spread the carpeting and pad paving the way to the sub-flooring.

You should notice minor improvements immediately after installation and steadily increasing in serious performance gains over the next few weeks.

Yes, it is my experience that Audio Points require a minimum of 7 days for mechanical break-in (perhaps settling) to occur.

For my racks, it's about 7 to 10 days. When I installed them under my speakers (140 lbs. each and plywood subflooring), fantastic gains were present on the 8th day, but I noticed even greater improvements over the next few weeks.

And if you do try these under the speakers, you MUST order the Audio Points that threaded into your speaker in order to realize these gains.