speaker connections for Cello Duet 350

Double checking before connecting speakers to inherited Cello amp.  For the left side, there is an upper H and L connector. The manual says the upper H connector is positive speaker left. The upper L connector is negative speaker left, in stereo mode. There is a lower H and L connector also for each side,  which are NOT EXPLAINED IN MANUAL.  I realize this is a dumbo question, but perhaps some kind person can explain it without too much ribbing. My speakers have  H+ and H-, L+ and L- connections.  Are the H and L on the amp referring to the H and L on the  speakers or is this referring to + and - only?
As I recall, both sets (upper and lower) of outputs are the same.  This was done to facilitate direct connection to speakers with bi-amping capabilities.  The H (high) is for the positive (+) side of the speaker; and the L (low) is for the negative (-) side.  Make sure the switch is set to STEREO (not to BRIDGED) and your done.  Enjoy the amp; in my opinion, one of the all-time greats!
Thank you for explanation. I have inherited 2 sets of Cello Performance 2 amps and the speakers were connected incorrectly at some point,  so I want to be careful to do it right. These amps do not work now, would you happen to know of someone who could look at them? Technetron in NYC is one recommendation.

The only person I would trust is Paul Jayson of Viola Labs (203) 772- 0435).  Paul was one of the original designers of the early ML & Cello equipment.  He probably knows more about Cello equipment than anyone else alive.  Whether he has time time to fix the old stuff is questionable.  If not, he may be able to make a recommendation.