speaker connections?

I am interested in getting new cables for my speakers. I have all snell speakers and they accept both bananna plugs and spades. I would like to know what is the best connection to use? Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
I like spades under binding posts, TIGHT. That way the nut deforms slightly the spade, forming a gas-tight seal. Seems better to me than the sometimes-flaky bananas.
Spades usually are best as they provide for a more secure connection (You are less likely to have one cable pop off, touch the other cable, and short out) and there is less potential for corrosion. Bananas are great for convienience. As long as the metal surfaces of either bananas or spades remain uncorroded I can't hear a sonic difference.
My banana connections are so tight, I can hardly get them in the holes. You will just have to try yours and see which you feel better having. Some speakers have plastic connectors you can't tighten very much.
Aball- The late great Sophie Tucker once said in response to a similar complaint, "Get off my back" ;~)
I was using spades, but lately have been using locking bananas. Once tight, they do not come off.
This may be heretical but if cable is stranded I prefer bare wire connected to post. One less mechanical connection.
Timrhu you beat me to it!
Another vote for bare wire. Simpler is better, IMHO.
So Timrhu, Gmood1, and Dopoque, do you tin the bare wire?
Nope I like it natural myself.Tin is just something else that will color the sound. There's already enough of it in the way.
Agreed. No need to tin it. I do use Caig Pro Gold and Walker SST, though.
That tinning would color the sound is even better than listening to power cords. Love it!

Another vote for bare wire. I used to use bananas until one fell off and shorted out my amp !
I started with bare wire with new cables.I always thought bare wire was best,made sense,when i used bananas it rolled highs,and took my system from front row,to third row.once the cables broke in,they sounded harsh and grainy.i sit close to speakers,about 9 feet,long story short i put bananas back and solved many colorations.my theory is in some cases,some wires are designed with termanation in mind.and no offense folks,but if you cant hear any changes,then what is all the fuss!.