Speaker connection for Maggie 3.6R

I just ordered a pair of Magneplaner 3.6R speakers. I have my existing speaker cables set up for bi wire but with spades(Vandersteen 2 sig's). I don't want to use adaptors. Should I have banana connectors installed or have you folks found a better way? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

I found a happy compromise. I did not want to tamper with the spade connections on my cables via retermination. I also did not like the idea of the usual after-market adapters.

Contact Magnepan. They have a very well made solution in converting your connection from banana to spade. It is available in nickel or gold plate, reasonably priced and works very well, providing a tight, clean connection.
Slipknot1's suggestion would work well, but what would work even better is just to replace those horrible little binding posts with what ever tickles your fancy. The crossover's come apart very easily and replacing them will be a cinch- you may be disguisted with what you see inside the external crossover box, at which time you can start upgrading even more :) But in the mean time do yourself a favor and get those wretched little binding posts off your speaker.
My speaker wires have no terminations other than tinning of the strands, and are inserted into those "wretched little binding posts" which have set screws that firmly clamp the wires in place. I can't imagine how any slip-fit connector device could be better. I have replaced the crossovers with superior (expensive) components, but saw no need to change the binding posts.
I agree that bare wires are best for the existing posts on the 3.6R. But, if you don't want to remove connectors on an expensive pair of cables (reducing their resale value) or pay to have them reterminated, the 25.00 Magnepan charges for a pair of adapters is a great way to go.

Tireguy's method is probably the best of both worlds. A little effort and some HQ binding posts and you are good to go.

Once I am finished with some other changes in my room and setup, I will be taking on the cross-overs in my pair of 3.6Rs.