Speaker configuration Marantz 2270

I just received a Marantz MIJ 2270 from the late 70's. Looking for speaker opinions. I tested the unit on a pair of very cheap pair of bookshelf speakers. Granted the speakers were terrible, but I could tell the system could benefit from a sub; or a full range tower with bass speaker.

I am working within a budget of about 400-650ish. My experience with high end stereo equipment is limited, but am familiar with live speaker gear. I like the punch you can get from monitors, but have to keep in mind I would need a speaker that would like a lower powered signal being I'm working with 70 watts per channel, another reason to look at smaller

In doing a search I noticed many people felt a sub of some sort is needed. I have found a few older passive subs with smaller drivers that had decent specs. I would like to entertain a passive sub as to get more the Marantz sound versus a powered sub. I would be concerned in blending
two set of speakers not knowing if I would need a crossover or not.

Being i am a newb I may be completely off base with my assumptions.
What suggestions could any of you provide me for my quest?

Thank you in advance
In my research I have heard good things about Klipsch products. Punchy in your face with good dynamics is the common phrase I read in regards to that brand. I would def benefit from a trip to a high end audio store to get a better feel from these brands. Klipsch was one that could be found in my price range that sounded like it had the characteristics that I would find very appealing.
Vintage Klipsch KG4's ( used $300ish in great condition ) work very well with Vintage Marantz..
I've owned K-horns, Chorus, Forte, Herseys, and Quartets. The Quartets should work very well. Good luck.
Greetings Ricplaya
I have as couple of old 2270s in my collection
Good vintage all rounder
Many of our customers have succesfully paired Vandersteen 1 c and Vandersteen 2CIs and es
You can find a clean pair of 2 series for 600 and up
and 1 series from 399- up
Having been a Vandy dealer for over 25 years these speakers offer superb performance and value.
Read the well written manual for best performance operation
Best Johnnyr