Speaker Comparison

For those who have heard at least two of the following, can you make a comparison?
Wilson Sasha Daws
Rockport Avior 11
Wilson Benesch Resolution.


Sorry, no specifcs. My ears seem to like Rockport speakers best of the three, though in general.

I have heard the Wilson Sasha DAW and the WB Resolutions.   Both speakers sound huge in terms of staging and details is elite.  The Wilson’s are tuned a little brighter and the bass is less refined vs. Resolutions.

That is not to say that the Wilson’s are bright, the WBs are just not as bright.  This is neither good nor bad, it really will impact your amp choice though. For example, I would seriously consider Chord Ultima amps with WBs, I probably wouldn’t consider them with the Wilson’s.  

Regarding bass, the Sasha DAW is very good and will sound big.  The Resolution’s Isobaric bass system will be less pronounced and is nice and flat in terms of frequency response but won’t kick you in the chest the way a Wilson can.  It is different.  

I think both speakers are incredibly good.  I am a WB dealer and make speakers of my own out of Carbon Fiber so I am biased toward WB.  I don’t have a relationship with Wilson.  I have heard Rockports (not sure model off hand) but that was in and out of a room at a show.  I listened to the Wilson’s for a while and a customer of mine bought a pair of Resolutions from me.  I spent time with them.  


I know this is way past your post but I thought I would chime in. I was deciding between the Wilson DAW and Rockport Avior ii. I heard both at dealers. The Wilson’s sounded a little bright for me so I went with the Avior ii. It took about 5 months to get them fully broken in but WOW! I’m extremely happy with them paired with my Boulder 866. Just amazing ! I hope your choice worked out well for you.