speaker comparison

i currently own totem arros and love them, but in the future im probably going to upgrade them, so in researching it looks to me like the best contenders for upgrade in the 2000$ CAD, would be the Totem Model 1se, which ive heard and like very much, The proac response 1sc which i also like very much, and the sonus Faber concerto, which ive never heard before,,,

has anyone closely compared all three of these speakers? what are their strengths and weaknesses, are there any other speakers i sould definately be looking at?

by the way i love mini monitors and lack of deep bass is not a big issue with me, so id be very happy with a mini monitor
the totem is the only one of the three that tonally nails a piano(size and weight)like a full range speaker...all are infinitely listenable but the totem one is at the head of the class here.
I will suggest the Jean-Marie Reynaud Trente also, not only very good speaker but you may be surprised at the bass as well. To fit your price range you would have to look at used.

This is quite amusing. I own ProAc Response 1SCs and Tablette 50 Signatures and am considering Totems!

Jrd351's comments on piano weight with the Totems definitely has me interested. I'll need to somehow procure a pair for listening in my system.

Also, I did at one time own Sonus Faber Concertinos and was able to compare them directly to my Tab 50 Signatures. The Concertinos have a fuller, more organic sound than the ProAcs but lack their focus and great soundstaging. I enjoy the Sonus Faber sound but in my room the ProAcs combined warmth with enough detail for me and superior soundstging.

I think the Arros are cool looking, but I realize I'd probably need at least the HAwk or Forrest, or possibly even the Model 1 because I play my music loud sometimes.

Good luck!
Gunbei: Didn't you used to have some Vienna Acoustics speakers ? Sean
Have you thought of auditioning Vandersteen 2's or 3's?
try the Totem Mani-2's- all of the above plus great bass- I had 5 of them in a home theater setup, and it was great!
LIsten to the Green Mountain Europa's before you buy! They are amazing.
Hi Sean, actually my experience with the Vienna Acoustics Haydns was limited to a four day in-home audition. The only speaker I was able to directly compare them to were a pair of NHT SuperOnes. I purchased the Concertinos a year later.

I did remember the Haydns being not as organic or full sounding as the Concertinos, but I did like them.Their cabinets looked more like they were constructed of solid beech wood as opposed to using any veneer. Very beautiful.
You have mentioned 3 highly regarded brands...of the 3...I have only heard Sonus Faber...and although I didnt bite...I would have been very content with these...they imaged superbly...and had a fair amount of bass for their size...they also look cool...just for the record...I went with Green Mountain Europas...but you are on the right track...I would only upgrade after a home trial of 2 or more spks u like...good luck...
ALso...SPendors make great monitors as well.....
Let me add the EFE Technology T-22 to the list. They now come with carbon fiber mid-woofers and are a great monitor. I've compared them head to head to the Reynaud Offrandes and I prefered the EFE's, so did my pro reviewer friend. I wish I could compare them to the Europa's in the same room and amps but you know....all the switches...


I've just really begun to break in my JMR Trentes. I'm successfully driving them with a 50 WPC tube amp and as far as bass is concerned -- it's coming around very nicely thank you. I have the Magic Stands under them and they go sufficiently low and without mushing up either for my ears. Very sweet. One huge thing to note is that these are not at all position sensitive. Yes, you can improve soundstage etc by sitting between them but they are musical throughout the house. Really, really nice.

I second the Trentes as I feel mine outperform my Maggie 1.6s all around and the bass is quite amazing, it can fill a room in a satisfying way and it just gets better in the midrange and high end, you just want to keep listening. After having lived with the Quad sound (57ESL and 63ESL) in the past I am reminded of them with my Trentes in their faithfullness to the music and neutral and emotive qualities.


might I ask which tube amp? and did you try others?

FWIW I use a Plinius 8200 MKII to nice effect (for solid state).