Speaker Clarifiers?

Anyone try these? I’m seeing them more and more but haven’t had a chance to demo. Do they do anything positive or are they just another way to make money off gullible people like me?
I am totally in favor of tweaking to get the most out of a system. But not every tweak works, or works well enough to be worth good money. This one it seems has been around many years now. Wonder what's the verdict?

I went to highend-electronics to check out user reviews. https://highend-electronics.com/products/audio-magic-speaker-clarifier


Compare that with the reviews for the similarly priced FEQ from Synergistic Research https://highend-electronics.com/products/synergistic-research-feq-x4
Or the many outstanding reviews of the much less expensive HFT https://highend-electronics.com/products/sr-hft-high-frequency-transformer?variant=4921086115869
Pages of reviews. All excellent. And these come with a 30-day no questions return. 

Odds are Speaker Clarifiers probably will do something. Question is, are they worth what they cost? Sure seems there'd be more buyer reviews if they were. But hey, buy a pair, let us know!
If you got great speakers you should not need these.
Aren't the various crystals on the market supposed to have the same effect as the  Speaker Clarifiers?

I have not tried the audio magic clarifiers but do have the walker audio HDL's & can say they are a worthwhile tweek. Greater stage definition & a cleaner top end (without roll off) with my Tekton's. 
In the category of : Things you should not spend money on until after you've hired an acoustic consultant.
Things you should not spend money on until after you've hired an acoustic consultant.
... or had your ears checked by a good audiologist
It is my belief that cables, pucks, and clarifiers are popular because they are easy to experiment with and easy to get into the house without raising suspicions in one’s mate that a lot of money is being spent for dubious ends.
On the other hand, for sure rewards in better sound, I’d suggest addressing room acoustics with known science and engineering.
As effective as copper wristbands for treating arthritis of the hands! Another example of Flat Earth Science to befuddle the gullible!
Faint heart ne’er won fair maiden. 💃
Very slick website, love the pseudo science. Great value too by the look of it.

Adding extra unexplained circuitry is always a good idea. Especially if it costs more than a decent loudspeaker. 

Far better than mere good double glazing and sound proofing. Or a comfortable chair/ sofa. Or hundreds of $$$ worth of music.

I'm sure loudspeaker manufacturers will be queuing up to endorse these honest tried and tested products once they realise his effective they are. The reviews seem really convincing too.


Now will someone pass the snake oil antidote please?
I actually have tried both the standard and the Reference Signal Purifiers in my home system and will honestly say that they do make a substantial difference ( IMPROVEMENT) in the overall sound from the speakers in the room.  They go onto the positive leg of the speaker cables only and I have zero idea of why/how they work, but I can tell you that they absolutely do.  For the skeptics - as usual, since you haven't tried them, it becomes easy to throw stones.
I can't speak for crystals, but quartz is an effective room treatment.

For you experts who haven't tried the walker HDL's, you'll just have to take my word for it that you're missing out. I'm good if you don't as well...