Speaker Choices for Tube Amps

I am looking for speakers that work well with a tube amp say 50 wpc. What speakers do you recommend I audition? Coincident, Silverline, other. If you have have or heard the Coincident and Silverline speakers let me know what they sound like versus each other or other speakers you compared them to.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Von Shweikerts should be added to your list as well. Also, you could try to find some used Kharma speakers.
Hey Bidkidz...
I would say, Meadowlarks...they are made for tubes...
I have a pair of Shearwaters...they are magnificent...
You've got to try them out, great imaging, soundstaging and full frequency speakers...
The newer versions are out and depending on your budget, I think a pair of Kestrel 2s will do fine for $1500
I'm currently using a pair of Coincident Triumph Signatures. I'm powering them with a pair of Dared 300B monoblocks (7wpc). Although this is pretty loud for most music, headbanging volume is out. When I'm listening to large orchestral music or any bass heavy music, I get clipping when I really crank it. I think 40 or 50 watts or tube amplification with the Coincidents will be a match made in heaven.
How about the larger speakers like the Total Eclipse or the Sonata III or La Folia. Can I drive them with 50 wpc?

I drive Coincident Total Victories with Tenor 15 wi amps. It is a great combo.
I also use Coincident Total Victory, but with ASL 1009 monoblocks @ 60 wpc- perfect power/purity match...
Which amp did you have in mind? Not all (tube) amps are created equal. Sonic frontier amps will sound different than ARC amps. And VTL will sound different than VAC amps. Same with speaker. Find your amp, or speakers first, then look for a match. Looking at your current system, you are too long in this hobby not to know this.
I have a Conrad Johnson CAV-50 tube integrated (45 wpc) with Tyler Acoustics Linbrook monitors and its a great combo. At 93db efficiency the CJ drives the Linbrooks with ease and the sound is heavenly. Another option may be the Tyler Taylo 7U's floorstanding speakers, also a high efficiency rating, which IMO is critical for low wpc tube equipment.
Kkursula, I agree 100% with your reply. I wanted to get some amp/speaker ideas first since I live in the NYC area I have access to audition equipment and amps. I could have been more specific but I just wanted to get an initial reposnse.

If you want to add to the specific sounds of the amps you mention that would aslo be helpful.
Just try to help you, as you know mistakes in this hobby besides causing unsatisfaction, also cost $$. So i apologise if i cam across sounding rude.
What kind of music do you listen, and what do you find unsatisfying with your Pass/B&W rig? Or, you are building second system?
I am usig the Talon Raven-S speakers. They are much much more dynamic and detailed than the B&Ws, with better bass. Talon is recommending that I stay with SS amps like Sim Audio, Electrocompaniet mono blocks or Belles. These seem to be trade offs at best versus the Pass X-250. I have a friends Graaf 5050 tube amp and although I would like a few more watts, the tube sound simply adds a 3D soundstage and slightly more real sound to the system. I do not want to get tube mono blocks etc so I may consider selling the Ravens for speakers that I can play loud, soft that have dynamics, details, bass and that are musical to listen to. That way I can sell the Pass Labs components and go with maybe a 50-100 wpc tube amp and maybe an Audio Aero CAP direct or a tube preamp. I know that I will loose maybe some bass with tube amps, etc., but the sound of tubes is very invitiing. I would like to stick with a stereo tube amp or mono blocks that can fit into a 25 x 25" space and not too many tubes. I need to go audition full range speakers to see what I like and then pick the amp.

All help is appreciated. I heard the Coincident Total Victories with Wytech amps. Audiomeca Mephisto CDP. The speakers were in a larger room than mine with bare floors, about 5 feet out into the room and there was no bass for 4x8 side firing woofers. I am going to go listen again in a week or so.

All help is appreciated.
Bigkidz- my room is similar size to yours. The Total Victory has prodigious bass, however the Wyetech (as fabulously pure as it is) just may not be quite enough power for you. Btw- which Wyetech did you hear? I know the Topaz very well, and it is a superb amplifier, but were you speaking about the Onyx monos? Anyways, whereever you heard the Total V's, I would suggest maybe moving them a smidgeon closer closer to the wall, bass may improve a bit- hard to say until you try it. Anyways, point is to hear the Total V's with a slightly higher powered tube amp (i.e. 50-60 watts with a good power supply), you may be surprised how closely they may fit your application...
Big, also would suggest Living Voice speakers that sound superb with SET amps. Good Luck and let us know!

Those are great speakers. I would just find a bigger amp. Many tube amp choices for you...BAT VK75SE? CJ Premier 140? Cary?

You might seek out "Twopippis" on a'gon, as she is very familiar with the entire Talon line and could give you suggestions.

btw, you upgrade to 31SE yet? it's very, very nice and i think better than the 50se i had loaned for a weekend.

No, I have not upgrades to VK-31SE. I have been using a Pass X-1 with the Pass X-250 in balanced operation. I will do a preamp shootout earlier next year as I have been auditioning DACs over the past month. Then I plan on doing another amp shootout (probably SS) on the Ravens. I will have access to 10-12 mono blocks in the near future.

Happy Listening.