Speaker Choices For My System

Hi. I am in the market for new speakers. Assuming I will not be able to audition prior to purchase due to lack of local availability. With that said - Budget: $10,000. Current equipment: PS Audio Stellar Preamp/DAC and M700 Monos. Primary source is CD - Parasound Halo CD1 and Luxman D-N150. I do listen to some vinyl as well via a Rega P3/Elyse MM. Room is large at about 13 X 20 with 10 foot sloped ceilings , but seated listening distance from where I had old speakers is about is about 11 feet, with several pieces of furniture in room including 2 sofas.

Musical taste primarily Americana, rock, some acoustic.

Currently considering: B&W 804 D3, Spendor D9.2, Focal Kanta 2, Vandersteen Treo, Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2 (with sub).

I welcome your thoughts, input....
Though I would put the Vandy Treo's at the top of the list.
Given what you value — and I say this as a huge JA and Vandy fan — I’d point you toward the ATC SCM40 v2 or SCM50.  Their beefy dome midrange will blow you away with vocals and everything midrange like no other, and your amp has plenty of juice to let them sing.  Best of luck.
Check out the Charney Audio Companion with Voxativ 2.6 drivers. They are a full range single driver horn based on the tractrix theory. Engaging full range sound from top to bottom and vocals that will draw you in and touch your heart. I love mine and think you should seriously consider a demo. Charney is located in Somerset NJ and he is easy to get a demo from. Contact him he might have something to fit your budget.
Be safe,


Thanks to all for the suggestions/input thus far. Appreciate it! Still open to any more info.