Speaker Choices For My System

Hi. I am in the market for new speakers. Assuming I will not be able to audition prior to purchase due to lack of local availability. With that said - Budget: $10,000. Current equipment: PS Audio Stellar Preamp/DAC and M700 Monos. Primary source is CD - Parasound Halo CD1 and Luxman D-N150. I do listen to some vinyl as well via a Rega P3/Elyse MM. Room is large at about 13 X 20 with 10 foot sloped ceilings , but seated listening distance from where I had old speakers is about is about 11 feet, with several pieces of furniture in room including 2 sofas.

Musical taste primarily Americana, rock, some acoustic.

Currently considering: B&W 804 D3, Spendor D9.2, Focal Kanta 2, Vandersteen Treo, Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2 (with sub).

I welcome your thoughts, input....
OP -- I love your list. From that list, I'd be most curious about the Spendors, because I've heard speakers in that line and like them. Have heard good things about the Joseph. I've been turned off by the B&W line, but have not heard the better ones.

I second the suggestion you try some Maggies.

You might also really be taken by Salks, Silverline, Focal, Revel, or Legacy stuff.

In my opinion, there is no substitute for listening in your own space, so if I were you, I'd consider places to audition them, and also check out what Crutchfield sells. I tried giant towers from them; 60 day trial; $20 to ship them back (they were Martin Logan ML 60s). I know there are higher end places to buy/try from, the Crutchfield's home trial policy is impossibly good.




Crutchfield does sell the Wharfedale Elysian 4, which also is of interest to me.

And believe me, I know there is no substitute for auditioning, especially in one's own room, but I will not be able to do that for this purchase.

Appreciate the responses from everyone thus far!
Moabs and spend the change on a Technics 1200G or refurbished idler.
What sound qualities or performance aspects do you care about most?
I like a detailed presentation but not harsh. Vocals are important to me. Yet I want to hear decent, tight bass response as well. I occasionally play at moderately loud levels (rock).