speaker choices for Classe CAM350 mono blocks

I have recently acquired a pair of the new Classe Audio CAM350 Mono Blocks which are recommended under Class A component in the Stereophile magazine.
Presently my system is as follows:
Source- EAD T-7000 transport to Sonic Frontier Ultrajitterbug via Marigo Apparition 3A digital cable/to Genesis Digital Lens via Cardas Lightning digital cable/to Theta DS Pro Gen lll via Taralab Decade digital cable
Preamp- Classe CP-50 driven by Straigtwire Crescendo IC's from DAC
Power Amp- Classe CAM350 (350 Watts/ch)mono block driven by Cardas Golden Cross IC's from preamp
Speakers- Paragon Jubilee and Jems driven by Vampire Continous Casting Silver speaker cables from power amp
The system sounds fast, transparent and musical.
Can anybody suggest a better speaker match for me to upgrade from the $9000 Paragon speaker system ?
It's sort of backwards to select the speakers after the amps. I bought the CAM-350s specifically to drive a pair of Egglestonworks Andras ($14,900 new), which need the kind of power the 350s can provide to perform their best. The Andras were Stereophile's speaker of the year in 1997, they're beautiful, comparatively small, and can go within a foot of the rear wall. There are usually one or two pairs on Audiogon for $6500-$8000 used. If you really want to hear something special, put four Aurios Pros under each of the Andras spiked feet ($200 each, $1600 total from Audionut.com).
It looks to me your current system is quite well matched. Why do you want to upgrade the speakers? In what area do you want to improve? How big is your room? What kind of music do you like? It is impossible to recommand anything without knowing more details.
To Sidssp
I find the Jubilees' tweeters not the last word because I have heard better highs from speakers such as the JMlab Utopias. Unfortunately, I don't like the bass sound of the Utopia woofers which to me, sound a little rubbery.
My room is quite large. It is about 20'x26'
why do you want to change out these speakers. if you want a different flavor sound play with your amps some more, or speaker cable. if you find the sound of the 350's somewhat dry as stereophile's review suggests could happen, you could use a different. i.e. warmer amp. i choose these speakers because of their impedence load is an easy one for tube amps, i.e. 5 to 6 ohms and i'm using a mesa baron to drive them. i find these speakers very revealing of all changes upstream of them. i replaced quad 63's for the increase in dynamic range and feel i gave up little by way of detail, transparency etc, and i consider them very neutral, detailed and they "disappear". you could spend a lot more and not approach the system you have.
If you like clean tight bass. I suggest you audition a pair of B&W N800. I have heard N800 Signature driven by three different power amps including ML335, Classe Omaga mono, and Classe CAM350 mono. Overall, they sound very smooth and very clean, a bit too clean to my taste but you might like it.
now i see where you're coming from. the jubilee tweater isn't the best. dynaudio has a better one that they use in their coincidence model - i hear the model 5 is excellent. the impedence curve suggests your choice of amp. also the verity parsifal is a good choice to consider. good luck. you shouldn't have too much problem selling your present speakers.
To Newbee
Do you know of anybody who might be interested in the Jubilees/Jems and what would be fair to ask for a good used pair ? Thanks.
To Newbee
It appears you are using the Jubilee/Jems too ?What are you using in between the Jubilees and the Jems for damping vibration ? Or, are you still using those rubber roundies that came with the speakers ?
dragont, my speakers came with spikes between the two speakers. i pulled these and am using blu tack - you can get this cheaply at the hardware store. works for me. i assume you run these without the grills - huge difference if you don't. re sales: the only time i saw these on the web was about 6months ago and it was the home theater outfit, i.e. 2 jems, 4 jubilee's and one center channel. it was a distress sale and they sold in one day for over 4k. i've seen the regents sell at 45 to 50% of new price. fyi i bought mine new about 5yrs ago for 4500. i'm not sure how aware the typical audiophile is of the value of these speakers. i see it as being an upgrade on the contour line of dynaudio, with better bass and without the impedence problem the contour presents. you could always put them up for auction with a reserve so you don't get burned if there is no current market. personally, as you may have gathered, i wouldn't sell mine as i think i would have to pay 6500 to 7500 just to get up to their level of performance. as an all around speaker these are tough to beat - i think my choice of amplification obviates my need for the ultimate in tweeters, and, unlike you, i doubt if i would hear the difference. good luck - if you find a suitable replacement let me know - it will give me something to consider. p.s. i know you did't ask for amp recommendations, but i have been curious about how these would sound with a sonic's frontier power 2 - did you get into any other amps before you chose the classe?
Newbee, the first time I heard the Jubilee/Jems playing was driven by Jeff Rowland separates and Theta digital source. It sounded wonderfully sweet and pristine. Even the set up I have now has won many praises and envies. I just know that there are better tweeters/highs out there and those didn't come with the jubilees ! Which part of the states are you located ?
i'm way out west. i've thought about rowland, and most recently ayre, but i really am seduced by tubes so i have not invested the effort, let alone the bucks. i'm in the boonies and its very hard to audition new stuff anymore at home - i've come to accept the equipment i have and have focused on my musical library - since i stopped buying hardware it has grown expotentially (almost). good luck in your quest.