Speaker choice? need advice.

Equipment: Music fidelity A5 integrated amp MH 25.2 cdp. I am currently looking for speakers. Music is 75% rock and 25% jazz (Larry Carlton and the like). Budget is 1500.00 used. Small room but looking for big, clear wall of music! My listing area is very close to the speakers (6’) and will be about (5’) apart. Back of speakers are close to the wall.

Can the Thiel CS2.2 or the Mono Pulse 42A work well in this situation? Ideas, comments?
As a long time owner of Thiel speakers (Cs2, Cs2.3, and CS2.4), I can't recommend Thiels close to the wall or less than 8 feet from the listening position. Try something else. Good luck!
Scotthobby is right on. Thiel's need at LEAST 1' from the back wall, 3' from corners, 8' apart and 8' from the listener. "Try something else.".
If the back of the speaker must be close to the wall , look at speakers that do NOT have a rear port .
You don't give dimensions for your room but if you can only allow 5 feet between the speakers, headphones might be a better idea. I don't see a way to get a "big, clear wall of music" on a small wall. Much has been written about the AKG 1000 headphones and I know there are other brands that will perform at a level that $1500 speakers cannot approach.
Energy Veritas 2.3i should be perfect. Takes up about the same floor space as a mini monitor on stands, is front ported so you can place it as close to the back wall as you like, is a good match for your amp and is a great rock speaker because of bass performance and oustanding dynamics.

I had a pair in my system for the past year and they are one of my favorite speakers of all time. I recently switched to the Usher CP-6381's and like the Usher line very much as well. However, with your requirements the Veritas are right on the mark, size, sound and price.

Audition a pair if you can.
Totem Sttaf would be at the top of my list. They throw a wide soundstage and disappear without finicky placement. You can find them for roughly $1000 used ($1500 new). They're very impressive, but even more so considering their minature size. They have an unique shape - kind of a mini tower. You might also consider Totem Hawk and Green Mountain Callisto, but the GMs are hard to find on the used market. Of course, go listen before buying anything. I realize this isn't easy to do when buying used, but it's in your best interest to audition. Try to find someone locally.

You should definitely read the threads below. There are some excellent suggestions. The Sttaf are mentioned throughout.

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I like rock and metal music (from rolling stones to metallica). My room is too small, measured about 3x4 m. I'm also have a problem like you.
I buy focal electra 1027 BE for a week. I like it so much. I hope it's more better after complete burn in.
My comment;
- Good detail from mid to high range.
- Fast base response. Front base port.
- In small room the base go deep than speaker specification.

Increase your buget if you can. You' will enjoy with its.