Speaker Choice Help for a Jolida 102b

I'm asking for Help to choose my speakers. I have limited options since I live in Costa Rica so not much dealers here who sell audio equipment.

I mostly Listen to Rock from 50's to 70's as well as some new bands.
My Room is small aproximately 16x14 ft
My settings are: Pro-Ject Debut III Turn Table, Bellari VP-129 Phono Preamp and a Jolida 102b amp
System is mostly used to listen to Vinyl

This are the options i have at my current Budget

- Triangle Heliade: I've heard they dont go well with rock musci beacause of Low Bass

-Paradigm Reference Studio 20: Heard great reviews online

-Paradigm Millenia 200

-Klipsch RF-62

-Kef IQ70

-Polk Tsi 500/RTi A7

I wont be able to audition many of the above mentioned since they are only bought back ordered!
Any help
I would recommend the high sensitivity Klipsch speakers, like the Heresy or Forte II. I've heard these speakers with an EL84 amplifier (Leak 20) abd they sounded quite good. I'm sure it would power la scalas too.
The Paradigm Studio 20's are great speakers for the price, but I don't feel they're a good match for the 102b. I agree with the previous posters about the Klipsch being a better fit. Also, you might look at Coincident Triumphs, as your 102b could drive them well.