Speaker choice for Yamaha RX-V1900. Need help :-

Hello all!

I just bought the rx-v1900 and am looking to upgrade my front speakers as well! Need musical speakers since I'll be spending most of my time listening to music (but I am gonna want the surround for my movies, that's why I didn't go for a hi-fi setup). Have auditioned the B&W 683 vs. the Dali Ikon 6, but not on my Yamaha though. It hasn't arrived yet.. Liked the 683s better. Thought they had a lot more punch to them although the Ikon 6 had a more open and "airy" sound. But still thought that the 683s offered a more complete package.. And taken into consideration that surround amps often sound a little bright the 683 might be a good choice????

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I'm looking for anyone who has experience with pairing the rx-v 1900 (or any of it's siblings...) up with a nice set up stereo speakers! What brands go well with Yamaha? Are there any guidelines? Should add that my budget is limited to around £1000. Any suggestions?

It will be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi David.

Not sure what the current conversion rate is, but I think 1000pounds = US $1500. Not?

At the end of 2008, Dali increased the list price on the Ikon6 from $1750 to $1900. Last August, I bought a pair of new, open-box Ikon6s here on AGon for $800. That was a steal. List on the B&W 683s is $1500.

When I first got the Dali Ikons I had them in my home theater driven by an Onkyo 805 avr which is a direct competitor to the Yammy 1900 (both 130w x 7). The Ikons sounded great, but I thought they could use more power for CD stereo play. I have since moved the Ikons into my PC sourced sytem and am driving them with a 200w x 2 Aragon amp. Big difference - more drive - like what you thought the 683s had over the Ikons.

Anyways, I love the sound of B&W speakers(the rear speakers in my 7.2 home theater are the tiny LM1s - but they don't sound tiny!) My choice with the the Yammy 1900 would be the 683s becuase I think they will drive better at 130w than the Ikons would.

However, I think the Ikons driven by at least 200w will beat the 683 for stereo music. Especially with a decent subwoofer to cover below the the Ikon's 37Hz FR. Note the 683s would also need a sub as they go dowm to only 38Hz.For stereo music, I'm gonna want a sub (or 2) that has a fast response speaker and goes down to at least 28Hz. You could add a 200w - 300w stereo amp by using the Yammy as a preamp and let the Yammy drive the center and the surrounds. Something like the high value Emotiva amps which seem to be all the rage now for supplemntary power in home theater systems.

Besides the Ikon6 and the 683, you might try to audition any of the following speakers:
> Revel Concerta F12
> Monitor Audio Silver RS6
> Aperion Audio Intimus 533-T
> JBL Studio L880
> KEF iQ9
> Silverline Audio Prelude
> Almarro M0A
> Polk RTi A9
> PSB Image T65
> Tannoy Eyris DC3
> Totem STTAF or ARRO

Bear in mind that if you are using a center channel speaker, you will want to match as closely as possible its timbre w/ that of your front left and right.
Read the impedance ratings on the 1900! From what I recall, they don't like anything with nominal impedance less than 6 ohms.
Hey Mmarvin19

What a GRRRREEEEEAAAAT answer! Thanks A LOT! Really appreciate your help! I will see if I can find any dealers with any of those speakers in store! Thanks for the list, makes things SO much easier for me! But I guess whatever happens I won't know which speakers to choose before I've had them auditioned, right here in my living room, but you have really helped me narrowing the field down. Thanks again!:)

I already own a sub. An old Sony that might need to be replaced later on. But it's a start I guess..

But another thing I learned from your answer is that when I borrow the speaker sets from the store, I will have to try bi-wiring the Ikons (and also the other ones to be fair of course) to see if that can give that extra punch and drive! Don't you think that might help??

..Wow, that was really cheap for the Ikons! -Lucky You!;) It's kinda funny though.. In Denmark the Ikons are the cheaper speakers.. Guess it's because they're produced here.. The list price is approx. $1384 for the Ikons and $1557 for the 683s, (a pair) (using the current converting rate).

Any explanation to your last statement?? Something to do with them being tuned to match each other??

Well, thanks for taking your time to read and reply to my post!:) helped me a lot.

Elevick: Will check up on that right away! thanks!:)
I got rid of my unit. It should say right on the back near the speaker terminals? Or, read the manual. Yamaha has always been "whimpy" with impedance.
Elevick: I have not received it yet. But I haven't been able to find that information anywhere??? Do you by any chance have ideas for a stereo speaker that would fit the Yamaha well?? Or links to relevant threads. ANYTHING is helpful!;)

Thanks for replying!:)