Speaker choice for workshop

I just picked up a B&K ST-140 power amplifier and Forte F44 Pre Amp. Looking for a nice speaker match. Listen to jazz and rock. Low to moderate listing levels. System will be in my workshop 25 x 20. $500.00 budget, used is just fine by me. I was thinking something like a NHT3.3? Thank you for your input.
Suggest original Large Advents or EPI 100's. Should get a refurb'd pair of either for $200. For a coincidence view my system - Cheap Happiness.
Are the NHT 3.3s going that cheap now?
Pick up a copy of eiither Stereophile or Absolute Sound Recommended Components. Some very good <$500 choices

Depending on how much noise in the shop, the speakers won't matter too much
If it's for a workshop, maybe you could build a pair. The Parts Express website has lots of plans you can download, one of them, the "Golden Boys", was designed with exactly your situation in mind. I've never built any, but if I had a shop, I'd be tempted to.
Hello, Sorry I was thinking NHT Classic 3. Mwilson: Thanks but already have a load of projects. Workshop is also a place to kick back as and enjoy a beer or two and shoot the breeze.
I found a set of energy conniseur 3's at a local dealer thatw ere on close out at half price and they can make the neighbors just as angry as if I had full paid full list. They have good bass and are mounted high so they interact with the ceiling very well.
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Altec model 15. For a workshop about as good as you can get. Can even be flown,sofit mounted, inverted, easy to mount hang,can adjust to space placement system or listening tastes. Can play loud easy, sounds full detailed smooth even at low levels. You might not get much done but sure would be fun. The NHT in such a large space wouldn't be a good match.
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Get some Bose cubes and a bass module and pretend it's music.

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