Speaker Choice for Pathos Classic One

I have a Pathos Classic One version two, which has 70W power output. No doubt, the Pathos Classic One is a beautiful peace in and out. However, I do have a problem finding a good matching speaker for it. I tried a few speakers on it, Athena B2, B&W DM602 and Vandersteen 2CE. When I hooked up these speakers with the amp, the high and midrange sounds pretty good. The only thing is that the bass is kind of dry. I just try to get more bass, not distorted bass, from it. Just hope the well experienced audiophiles can post some advice on this thread.

I use a Pathos Logos (Ei Elite 6DJ8 goldpins,Herbie tube dampers and own design powercord) with Merlin VSM-MM speakers.Stunning results !

You may consider both the TSM or VSM models for the Classic One .The MM versions(compared to the MX versions) of the above has a slightly lower Q factor ,so may be better suited to the Classic One's ss output.

Try different tubes in your amp,you will be surprised by the results that can be achieved ...


Probably not the answer your looking for, but I've heard that amp with a couple different speakers as well, and my conclusion was that the amp itself sounded dry. I've not found that to be the case with the Vandersteen 2CE, so my guess is that what displeases you about the sound may too be coming from the amp and not the speakers. Just a thought, FWIW.
I have heard it with Zingali monitor speaker (overture?1 or 2s). Wonderful combination. Also nice with sonus faber cremona auditor. But, I liked better with the Zingali. Italian amplifier, would have a nice sinergy with an italian speaker.