Speaker choice for BAT VK3xi/VK250

I'm at the end of my charter and am looking for a match for the gear listed above. I love vinyl of all sorts, you name it... I have about $5k and a large, open but broken up area w/10' ceilings. I've been researching 3.6 Maggies, Dynaudio 5.4, Sophia II, Watt puppy 5.1 I don't have any easy way to audition speakers in my home so I need to be careful when I make a decision. Any help would be great
I am using a pair of Wilson Sophia 2 with an all BAT system with excellent results (see my system). You should be able to find a nice second hand pair of Wilson Sophia Series 1 near $5000.00.
I have the same equipment as you, and just purchased Montana EPS 2 speakers used for 5k. They sound very good and the amp is not broken in yet.
Don't know about the other speakers but VK-250 and Maggie 3.6 are not good match.
I used a BAT VK-300SE with Rega Apollo and Thiel 1.6 speakers (HT magic IC and Pro-9 cable).
This combination yielded the finest sound I've had in my home.
Felt I was hearing 100% of the musical intent on everything but the most poorly recorded disks.
Super low noise floor also.
Synergy? Don't know or care.
Sadly, I sold the BAT and Rega thinking I would soon be unemployed.
I'd try some Thiel CS6 speakers in your system.
Having owned Magnepan MG3.6 and have Demoed Dynaudio 5.4, I purchased and like better Revel F52's. So my recomendation is a pr of Used Revel Studios you can get them for 5k
Save some of that cash and try the Vienna Acoustic Beethovens. I had the VK5i and VK200 with those and it was great!
This is the second recommendation for the Sophia's. I was told to only consider the IIs so I'd be interested in some input here. The ESP's also have come up before and will look into their characteristics. I'm getting unanimous opinions to shy away from Maggies, although I auditioned them and love the precision when coupled with a fast sub. The Dynaudio 5.4s appear to not get the enthusiasm that their driver design/quality should yield. Are their "C" series better? Revel Studios... I need to learn more about studios because I thought they were only for those who were space limited. Thanks for the feedback.
A happy user of BAT vk-3i / vk-200 / dynaudio 1.3SE here.
The problem with Sophia 2s for you is they are nearly $17,000 new and around $9-11,000 used! I have no personal experience with the Sophia Series 1. My understanding is that the Sophia 2s offer refinements over the Series 1, but are not radically different speakers. Perhaps someone else can weight in on this...
While I am sure the OP has made up his mind, my preference is the W/P 5 Series over the Sophia Series (either model). I am not saying the 5s are better speakers, but for my personal preferences I like them better to deliver what I am seeking. While no Wilson speaker is typically categorized as laid back, my comparison between the 5 Series and the Sophia series would cause the use of this term in describing the Sophias v. the 5s. Both are great speaker series in my opinion and it comes down to personal preference. For people not having owned Wilson's in the past, I would normally recommend the Sophias as the entry into the Wilson line up (I am not saying they are entry level speakers, just that they are a somewhat softer version of what Wilson's are known for). For example, if one likes and is coming from the better B&W speakers (used as they are a common/popular speaker, and likes that sound characteristics), the Sophias will be a more gradual step in terms of sound characteristics than the 5s would be (the 5s in my opinion are more detailed or maybe strident is a better term). Again, this is not an issue of better of worse, just a shade or difference.