Speaker Choice for Aesthetix AMPLIFIERS?

Hi Fellows,
I've been intrigued by Aesthetix Atlas Signature and Calypso Signature, i remember hearing it long time ago - i knew i was impressed ( i heard the normal version of course not the signature) ; however i know Vendersteens are usually recommended for this make, but i do not like Vendersteens and further more i have no access to it, where i am at - Kharma is beyond my budget.

How do you guys think a Magnepan 1.7 would mate up?
Or a Habeth SHL5?

I would just be running this in stereo mode.
I could also consider the Janus Signature Preamp; if it is marginally better
than the calypso

Please fill me in on possibe choices, if you are a Aesthetix User.

I play everything from rock-pop- to very complex big band jazz and
classical music.

Thanks a ton!
Did you give up on VAC and Pass Labs?
Well - theres only one set i can buy - i haven't given up on Pass and VAC ; must admit all of em sound really nice, difficult decision.
I have owned the Atlas stereo amp and Janus Signature preamp, paired with Wilson Audio Sasha's that are capable of playing very loud for three years. Sound quality in all respects is outstanding. Even after two hours of playing the system quite loud - a listening party with friends, I was amazed how the 400 watt amp kept pace.