Speaker Channel Burn-In

I was talking with my non-audiophile friend who's system I helped put together (quad, plinius, MF), and telling him about some of the crazy things audiophiles believe in.

Between hooking up batteries to your interconnects, megabuck power cords, magic pebbles and clocks... he asked if audiophiles believe that there is a right speaker, and a left speaker, and if they should never be swapped.

I told him that I hadn't thought of that before! But that I'm sure there are some audiophiles out there that believe that you should never swap channels on your speakers once they are "burned in?".

So... are you guys out there??? You're never supposed to swap channels on your speakers, right? That would surely (insert problems here) and kill the sound!!!
There are some speaker pairs intended to be the right or the left. I have owned several pairs fitting this criteria. i.e. tweeter being off-set,is the most common reason.(tweeter not centered in the cabinet) Beyond that,I doubt it matters.
Offset tweeter and mid is mainly to reduce edge diffraction so that power distribution remains even. Most manufacturers do not specify a left or right (even when tweeter or mid is offset).
Ok---I own a pair of SAP Audio speakers and the manual states offset driver setup instructions; making one speaker a right/one a left. Then in another system I own Mirage 3si's. These have an extra tweeter on the rear side of speaker__They are offset (rear tweeter only) and right there in the manual__one is a right speaker and one a left. I doubt these are the only 2 speaker brands that do it this way. There's a lot of speaker brands out there;It's hard to know everything about all of them.