speaker cabling for subwoofer and tower pair

I am a new owner of Focal Aria 926s, and a Gallo TR2 sub. I have connected the sub to the amp, and the speakers to the sub, with Radio Shack 12 gauge speaker wire. So far so good. I have $4-500 to burn on curiosity, and I'm curious to explore the benefit of commercially prepared speaker cables. At first blush I buy one pair to go to the sub, and another pair to go from the sub to each speaker. The physical connection is quite simple - my interest is in cable selection. I'm not asking for the best cable, which cannot be answered, only if a cable type is more suitable for amp to sub or sub to speaker. One possibility is a higher end cable from sub to speaker and a less sophisticated cable from amp to sub. I have no clue. Any thoughts along those lines would be greatly appreciated.
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