Speaker Cables With SET Amps

What is the latest on speaker cables that match up well with low powered SET amps??? Silver or Copper thick or thin??? Braided or Solid???
There is no one right answer to this questions
short ones with low reactance(inductance and capacitance).
Many folks are very happy with Auditorium 23 speaker cables with SET amps and/or Shindo gear.
I am probably more budget concious than you but for my SET amp I use Supra-Ply 3.4 and really like the combo..
I had the same question two years ago with my Art Audio Px-25 (6 watt) amp going to my horn system. After a lot of trial and evaluation I have been very happy with Synergistic Research interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords. They do allow the SET- Horn magic to blossom.
David Pritchard
Start here: Google white lightening diy speaker cables.

Then if you feel like you must try something else look here: http://www.gothamaudiousa.com/thebigsale.htm

The Supr-Ply 3.4 are also a good recommendation.

I've lived with White Lightening cables for 3 years now. I tried to knock them out with other cables both expensive and budget and the White Lightening are still here.
Decware Styx and Cardas Clear Sky are both made for SET amps and high efficient speakers.
47 Labs OTA cable is fantastic. It is solid core copper, very thin wire, madefor low powered / high efficiency systems.
Tube amps seem to like smaller gage wire.ClearDay is one to add to your list.
Ocellia silver sounds best on my Coincident Franks
Hi Markus1299,
I have the exact Ocellia Silver Reference cable with my Coincident Frankenstein SET and the match is superb!Very,very natural sound.
Truly there is no one correct answer. In my case, my preferred speaker cable is the same with my 1-watt SET as with my 50 watt Push-Pull amps. So far my ancient Wireworld Eclipse has bested all others I've tried including Auditorium 23. And it is a large stiff cable, 8 gauge as I recall.
Years ago Cardas made cables for single ended amps and/or hi-eff speakers. They called them the SE-15, SE-11 and SE-9, the numbers represented the gauge. What I found interesting about them was how small they were in diameter. I would expect that from a 15 gauge but even the 9 gauge was skinny, about the size of an 18 guage ac cord. I believe dielectric absorption can be a factor in the sound of cables so maybe Cardas was on to something with their thin insulation. These were copper btw.

Single ended amps are capable of rendering such small details clearly, it would be a shame to "smear" them with a delayed signal. As far as conductors: Silver conducts better than copper and you can coat the silver with Teflon, which has a very low DA factor.

The best cable I've found for my SE amp/hi-eff system is a fairly skinny Teflon coated silver wire (no brand name, made for me by a friend). I can see why Markus1299 and Charles1dad like their cables so much with their systems.

Silver can be pretty expensive though and if you want to try something cheap, that I think sounds pretty good, go to Radio Shack and get a 60 foot spool of their "18 ga Stranded 2 Conductor" speaker wire. They may have smaller lengths but the 60' was only around $20. I have thicker "name brand" cables laying around but prefer this for what we are talking about. It has the thin insulation due to it being "only" 18 ga and has 6 or 7 strands of copper which I think is better than 200 hair like ones.
I use Tempo Electric from Joe Levy single silver for my speaker cables and the same for interconnects from Pre to Amps.
I tried many and some exotic cables, Tempo Electric, Fusion Audio Romance, Audio Note, Kondo.
Ended with Ocellia Reference - now it is my favorite cables.
+1 for Ocellia Ref
Ocellia Reference or ASI Liveline
Ok guys thx for all the comments and advice...