speaker cables with new speakers

I have just upgraded my speaker cables to high end cables and they have an arrow for direction, the cables are about 1.5 ,inch arround ,and locking pin connectors. I am not shure how to lock them in or what direction I should go ,from amp or from speakers.
The arrow usually points to the load (i.e. the spkrs in this case).
No damage if you try the other way round so, don't worry!
Do you know anything about amp burn in or cable burn in, I have just put together a denon 5803 and denon 5900, with polk audio lsi 25, and system. All with new colbolt speaker cables and interconectors new out of the box ,as a newbee this looks like overkill not shure of connections they are like hoses...
Unfortunately I know next to nothing about burn-in ('xcept for spkr drivers). My amp circuits take some time to stabilise on turn-on (and they thereby sound much better), but that hardly answers your question. Sorry!
There are many threads on the subject though -- some running now.