speaker cables with a warm sound

I was hoping to get some suggestions on speaker cables that have a dark, warm presentation. I am running a pair of NHT VT-1.2's. They are fairly revealing in my system and are punishingly bright with brightly recorded software. My ears are VERY sensitive to high frequencies and can quickly become fatigued with bright material. I have changed out my interconnects to Harmonic Technology Truthlinks because of their warmer sonics. That helped a lot. I think the addition of dark, warm speaker cables will get me where I want to be. Right now I am biwiring with a shotgun array of Music Metre Signature (4 single runs per speaker). The associated amp is a Sonic Frontiers SFS-40 (6922/KT-90), but I have a pair of SFM-160 monoblocks (6922/6550) on the way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The truth-link is a good choice. You should also try the HT Pro-11 or Pro-9. The other alternative is the NBS classic series. Good luck.
Audition Cardas if you can and call the people at the Cable Co. as they will recommend a cable(s) that you should audition.
I used to own a pair of NHT 2.5i speakers. They too were very revealing and on the bright side. I found the NBS Monitor IV speaker cables and interconnects helped reduce the brightness.
Transparent Ultra, Ultra XL, and Reference are also dark, warm sounding speaker cables. They are usually available at way off retail on Audiogon.
Cardas gold cross or Harmonic Technology Pro 11 or 9 are both very neutral and warm
i have not had experience with some of the other cables mentioned but i own two cables which i think would smooth out your sound while remaining detailed---the audioquest type 2 and the stealth premier copper--the audioquest is very cheap unterminated as well as terminated-i purchased mine terminated from audio advisor.com--the stealth is much more expensive and is compared by the manufacturer to the cardas golden cross and can be found at stalthcables.com i beleive-sometimes youll also see them at auction here on audiogon.
If you seek speaker cables that are warm and full bodied here are some very good choices.

Synergistic Research
Harmonic Tech
As far as I've heard, Nirvana has a very worm "black" background and it's very friendly to the tube outputs
Try Monster cable M1000mk3 Great bass smooth warm highs. Cheap on the 2nd hand market.
you don't mention your source electronics. some of your brightness may be coming from your digital frontend. it'd be a shame to use cables as tone controls, only to need another change if you upgrade your dac, transport or player. - kelly
Analysis oval 9 (very warm), followed by acoustic zen sakura. I have heard the harmonic tech stuff will warm things up a bit too.
Cornfed raises a good point; your brightness may well be considerably upline. There are a lot of other avenues to explore; you may or may not have done that? Please refer to my recent post regarding a member with harshness complaints: I offered many suggestions there which may be applicable to your situation as well...
Although I've never heard Cardas speaker cables I would consider them based on reputation. I own a pair of Golden Cross interconnects and they are very warm.

I also own a biwired pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9, and yes they are very warm too. They have the added bonus of sounding much fuller than most silver cables.
Cardas.My buddy thought his Krell too bright and they were just the trick.Not for everyone and not as detailed as others but very lush.
Here are the other sources in my system: Rega Planet CD via truth-links to a Continuum Audio Window pre (built by Coda/Innersound) via truth-links to the SFS-40. I don't think it's the Window, I can't identify any sonic signature to it other than "neutral". Ears more trained than mine will call the Planet digitally harsh, but I find it to sound very dithered and somewhat analog-ish. Great suggestions everyone, thanks so much for posting.
I don't think it is the Rega either, maybe the size of the room??? I read the whole thread but I forgot, did you mention the speakers? Could just be synergistic combination that doesn't want to work.
Hello Kt 88. My system is totally different now. Love what I'm hearing. Still running the Planet and a Heybrook TT2 table, a DIY passive pre and a pair of VAC PA160 mkII's, through Mirage MRM-1 Reference Monitors. Still running Truthlinks, switched to a pair of Transparent Super Bicable XL's. I'm now listening in a nearfield position and it's soundstage city. From your user name, I'm guessing you prefer the sound of kt-88's. I'm in the same boat. My VAC's can run several different output valves, but the kt-88's are my favorites so far. I've tried el-34's, 6550's and kt-90's. None of them did it for me. Later this year I might try some 6L6's. They are inexpensive, as they are typically used in musical instrument amps. I'm running Golden Dragon kt-88's, but want to try the JJ Tesla kt-88's. All in good time.
Cardas Golden Cross will warm you up. Not the best stage or detail but forgiving.
I have always found Purist Audio to be very warm and maybe even dark. The Elementa is affordable, well built, detailed, yet warm. These are about 80 -85% of the Colosus sound for a fraction of the cost.
Treat your room and get some MIT T-2's
Cardas cables especially golden cross are warm .
look for builders  one beginning with a Z  using Duelund Copper 
oil in cloth jacket very warm respectable detail.
Supra cables can do the warm thing very well and they won't break the bank in the process.
Just a wild guess... the OP probably decided on speaker cables, about 15 YEARS ago!  Just sayin'.
And 15 years ago, the OP picked the canare 4s11, because it is 11awg, it has a warm "sound", and it clearly was the better choice because it was less than a dollar a foot!   OP wasn't fooled.