Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?

After listening to many speaker cables, I am listening to basic 14 Gauge, high purity copper speaker wire and find myself shaking my head.  Does this basic speaker wire sound better than cables many times the price?  I am really starting to ponder that question.  I think I am hearing things on my records I never heard before and better balance of sound.  What are your thoughts?
Suppose I place my monobloc power amps immediately behind the speakers and turn them around and locate with adjustable stands so the output terminals are immediately adjacent to the input terminals on the speakers.
I then weld the amp terminals directly to the speaker terminals, having first disconnected them internally in the amps and speakers to avoid damage from welding heat and current.

I am avoiding any sound deterioration that may be caused by wires and also saving $0000s or possibly $00000s if I am really hooked on wires.

Some say the speaker needs to see some resistance and capacitance but they are probably speaker wire sellers.
WHY the same discussion over and over again?? Non believers should try for them selves. Believers/ experienced listeners already know! Nothing to discuss …waste of time. Better listen to music!

The only way you will ever know is if you try it out for yourself. The cable company offers a trial plan.

The reason why I invest in cables, is to attempt to get the best sound replication possible. I accept the fact that I am not a sound engineer . I know what I like regardless of price. The more expensive the cable, the more due diligence I do - which for me can take years. 

After careful consideration, if I am able I will make the investment - in what translates to my happiness which to me is priceless. A portion of that investment goes towards peace of mind, Accountability/ trust in the company producing the cables. Almost all of my purchases have been on the Used Market.

This said - I have witnessed first hand those who believe that they know more than the companies who design and manufacture cables (because they took an engineering course in college 5,10,25 years ago).
- In EVERY case it never ended well.

GREAT Power Cables, not a fan of the Speaker/Interconnect cables

GREAT Power Cables, Speaker/Interconnects too much $$$$$$$

I use for Speaker/Interconnects - Best cable investment I made thus far

I am eager to try when I am able

I use for Super Tweeter all Silver Cables very happy

Lot's of good inexpensive speaker cables out there.  That said, I definitely heard improvements when I recently moved from my Acoustic Zen Satori to my current cable, a Nordost Tyre 2. IMHO need a pretty high resolution system and a good room to parse these kinds of things out.   Most of the differences I experienced with this last change were somewhat subtle.  Nothing night and day but I haven't tried lamp cord or 14 guage romex or anything like that so I can't compare my current set up to something quite that bare bones.  Another issue here is with the listener and how trained their ear is.  I have been playing music for 50 years and have classical training.  It really does help me unravel the music and I believe makes me more sensitive to nuance.  In the end, whatever makes you happy.  If you hear a difference no one can argue with you, if you don't hear a difference, no one can argue with you.  No one can make you hear what they hear and the fact that you don't have the same experience doesn't invalidate their experience.  
So here is the question I have been pondering. If speaker cables make a huge difference, and there is a range of cable for each brand, why is it I can’t find a dealer that will take the time to run multiple A/B comparisons within the line they carry. It’s like buying a car before you even test drive it. Just taking the dealers word. I would think they would sell far more high end speaker cable if they had a cabinet of demo model cables for all the wire lines they carried. This way one could listen to the full array and make a good decision.