Speaker cables which bring out more bass?

I need a speaker cables which bring out more bass. I want to use these in biwire setup only for bass section together with monocrystal silver cables in mid and hi section. I believe that pure copper must be best for transfere bass but I have no opportunity to test different brands before buying. So I want too hear about all Your experiences regarding this.
Well, when I switched from Canare Star Quad 4S11 biwires to Audioparts Mas Hybrid Signature biwires, the midbass improvement was the biggest difference. FWIW, here's a link to my review of them:

Mas Signature Speaker Cable Review

It should be pointed out that these would probably be considered by many on this site to be "entry level" cables. I really like them a lot, however, and several other Audiogon members do, too.

The best speaker cables for bass I've heard are made by Virtual Dynamics. They come in a wide variety of price points and are not inexpensive, but they sure let the sound through, comparable to a live performance.

Hope this helps.
I find monocrystal cables have similar sonic attributes, so maybe you can look into cables made from monocrystal copper.
I am not sure how you could increase base with speaker cables unless you filtered the mid and high range.

In general, if loudness, EQ, room placement or a bigger amp can't do enough for your bass then I would suggest that the only practical way to get more base is to get a speaker with greater bandwidth or a sub (usually this means a bigger box).

A good sub can significantly improve bookshelf speakers bandwidth and fill a low end hole especially at low levels, however, there is still lots of energy in the 80 to 300 Hz range that a small speaker will have to deliver, which leads to a risk of higher distortion at higher listening levels as the small woofer excursion becomes excessive and ultimately unable to keep up with the sub output.
I used to have Nordost Red Dawn, bass as punchy and lean, try SPM, have more body, but still lean. Now, I am using Kimber bi-focal xl, they are bringing out more bass, full and weighty.
audience au24,or Paul Speltz cables.
Run a single cable. Bi wire is an area of Myth and Mystery.

The cable companis like it because it sells more cable. But in truth when speaking to many speaker makers, the reason for two post is to Bi AMp, this has merit. Bi wiring will not to anything for your system.

My speakers had dual posts when I had them factory upgraded they asked if I intnded to bi amp them I said no. So they took away the double post.

In blind tests no one is ever able to pick out bi wire over single wire.

Do yourself a favout buy one Good cable and jumper it.

The old Audioquest Midnight cable did very good bottom end. I replaced it with a home made cable with 8 runs of Cat 5 cable. Each run wrapped in teflon and then the whole cable wrapped in teflon and then a shrink wrap over it. Is better than just about anything I have tried.
Thanks for Your all responses.
Shadorne I have floorstanders and the bass lack is not so big. I don`t want to use the sub either because of my room. So my point is not to increase bass. I am just looking for cables just for bass section that can do this job better than some other cables. I know that cable is passive device and it can not add something. Different cables just have different sonic signatures and I am looking for a cable with little emphasized low end.
Mapleleafs3 As I know the biwire usefulness also depends of crossover designs. You are right that on wery many speakers the two pairs of binding posts on speakers don´t benefit from biwire but sone designs do. I can´t use my cable anyway because the conductor size is too small for low end.
The best way to get more bass from a speaker cable is to pull it tight and pluck it.

My Purist Venustas does a great job bringing out the bass.
why dont you try the home depot wire its cheap and alot of peeps here says it works do a search on here
Mapleleafs3 is not correct. My proac 2.5's can easily detect the diffence between a single cable and jumper than 2 seperate cables for tweeter and bass unit. The bass unit definately reacts favorably to very large quality wire. I'm not saying that the strands can't be small, but the overall guage should be 12guage or less. The twetter does not need to be nearly as large. A few strands of ultra high quality wire will work best.
Fred75, Thats a pretty broad statment. Like you make a claim so do I. With my speakers it made no difference. SIngle wired worked as well if not better. Very few speakers wil benifit from bi-Wire. Bi-amping does work.

Like I said, speaking to many speaker makers, bi-wire was added by 95% of them as a marketting ploy to keep up with the Joneses. What they say is Double post for Bi amping single posts for single amp use.

The wire makers in conjunction with thier bought and paid for reviews made a big deal about this. WHY? To sell double the wire. Period.
I'll echo Bobgates. Purist Venustas really improved the bass I get from my 10t's. Much more defined and tightly controlled. It's really amazing how much detailed information there is down there.
Purist Venustas is excessively too expensive for me. I am sure there are far more advantageous cables for this.
You could go with a solid core copper or silver wire. Or a 12 gauge or less stranded copper wire, which too my ears doesn't give more bass. It just attenuates the highs to give you the perception of more bass.

FWIW, the gauge doesn't have a big effect on the bandwith unless run over long distances. The distance will effect the high freqs before it effects the low freqs. If small gauge were a bad thing, all telephone companies would use wire larger than 24 gauge. My speakers internal wiring is 24 gauge solid core copper. The speakers still go well into 20Hz range. Save your money.. try 12 gauge HD wire and see how it works out for you.
I'll throw my hat in here as well. I'm using a pair of
Revelation Audio Testament speaker cables and definetly
noticed an improvement in bass. Not just more of it but
better defintion as well. Very quiet as well.