Speaker Cables to Audition in 1500 price range

I am about to audition some speaker cables all mono runs with jumpers. In the price range of $1000-$1500 for new or used cables since I need 14 foot runs. I was considering AZ Holograms, Audience, Shunyata (over the price limt). What other cables compete with these cables and is there a dealer that offers an in home trial period and will ship to me in New Jersey (I can demo 10 foot runs so the dealer does not have to carry the 14 foot lengths)?


You should give Virtual Dynamics a try. I have their Signature Series biwire cables and they sound awesome.

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Pure Note Epsilon Ref. www.purenote.com. They are having a holiday sale, 45% off their regular prices.
Zu cable Ibis

60 day trial period
IN this price range you also need to hear the Clarity speaker cable from Empirical Audio-received a rave review in the first Positive Feedback Online issue-also go to the Empirical web page -empiricalaudio.com-this cable really added a lot of focus and claity to my system-tbis was one cable that does exactly as advertised.
Contact Oliver at Delve Audio (NJ dealer who is an Agon dealer) he has always given me excellent advice, and has a variety of demo cables. Tell him consttraveler sent you (no, I don't get ANYTHING from a referral).
New this would be out of your range, but you may be able to find a used pair of JPS Labs Superconductor 2. Highly recommended.
try Duke at Audiokinesis. He may give you some alternatives well worth considering.
I second the Virtual Dynamics recommendation. I would go for the NITE series if you can afford it. I recommend getting them new from Rick as he is constantly improving his products and the newest stuff sounds great! I have the NITE Power Cord ($1500) and the Reference Speaker cables. My NITE Interconnects should get here at about the same time as my Audio Aero MK II :) Good luck, Eric.
Don't buy new, please.

Easy answer: Omega Micro Planar III used at @ $800 used; or if you have to, @$1600 new (I'm sure Lloyd Walker at Walker Audio - you know, the Walker TT that everyone loves so much - would give you a decent deal.

Nothing touches them at this price.
Maple Audio Tranquility - The most recent publication of the Inner Ear Report advises that Maple Audio Works claims they are "Canada's Premier Cable Manufacturer" and the Inner Ear advises they just might be. Nordost Valhalla rated 4 stars with the IER - Maple's Tranquility was 3.5 stars, pretty damn close at a lot less money!

Wonderful hand craftsmanship with a proprietary weaving process using solid copper conductors.

I use Maple cables so please accept that I do have a bias

check em out www.mapleaudio.com