speaker cables recommendations

I am looking for speaker cables and really have no idea what to get. My only thought is that price may give some indication. My system is Linn Majik integrated amp, Linn Ikemi cd player, and B & W cdm 7nt speakers. I thought I would spend about $40-50 per meter. Perhaps Linn k400 would be good? The guy in the shop where I am recomended cheaper Ortofon or Monster cables. Would anybody have any recomendations?
Check out the LAT International. Great cables at a reasonable price - go to their site.
You can get VanDenHul CV125 that will certainly be better than Monster and within your price range. It's actually a speaker wire so you can either terminate it yourself or ask for factory termination.
I use this wire that certainly succeeds Monster M2 on performance and even JPS Superconductor.
Another site to check out is fatwyre.com and its used cable counterpart usedcable.com. These sites will give you a good survey of brands/prices.
I would consider a warm sounding cable. One possible choice
of interconnects/speaker wire would be Cardas. Do some research on this site and determine which wires fall into the "warm" side. Also, to add to the confusion, will you decide to bi-wire the loudspeakers? My feeling is you probably should not given your budget. Invest in a high quality single run of speaker wire. Audition in your own system to see if you are pleased w/the results. Good luck!Bill
Since Analysis + came out with a new line; the Oval 9's are at a nice price/used. I used them for a couple of years and had to spend much more to get better.--- So now they are even more pocket book freindly.
From my experience, I would try the K400 first. It is really fantastic for the price and works better with Linn equipment than many far more expensive cables.
I agree with the comment by Thsalmon, particularly since you have Linn equipment. I use K400 and have been happy. I know there is better cable and am considering an upgrade, but unless you are ready to spend much more money, this cable is hard to beat. It is a good value and worth consideration.