Speaker cables recommendation from Nagra 300p amps to Devore O96 speakers


Am a bit of a cable newbie in terms of speaker cables for sure. Been running Coincident TRS speaker cables forever. But now I have a stereo instead of monoblocks, I need a longer length so need an update and hopefully an upgrade.

I cannot do home trials where I live and in home demos (cableco) are pretty much impossible.

Am leaning towards Cardas Clear, was very impressed by the Clear PCs but any other suggestions are helpful.

Would like my cables to be as neutral as without sound signature as possible. Don't want to use them as EQs. Although everything is an EQ in audiophile world, I do understand that.

I like details, transparency, good bass, and richness in sound. (like most people).


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Budget would be under 3000$ new for 3 meters.
What do you guys think of Siltech Classic Anniversary 770L speaker cables?
Has anyone tried them with Devore?