Speaker cables of cooper, or silver :Pros/Cons

I have heard the comment many times on AG that speaker cables,and ICs made of silver sound analytical and bright whereas,cables made of cooper are smoother but less detailed,(or warmer) Is there any truth to this claim?? What about cables made of "platinum", or other exotic materials?? From personal expereince Analysis Plus Oval 12(cooper) speaker cable after a long burn-in period did sound smooth and musical. The Audio Magic Spellcaster 2 interconnect(silver) was bright, but possessed excellent dynamics and detail.
Depends on the rest of your system, and the frequency response of your ears. Copper is darker, so it can be used to good effect with a system that is bright or fatiguing. Silver is brighter, so use it with a laid-back system, of if you want more air. Also, since the human ear is unique like a fingerprint, season to taste. But in either case, use OCC copper or silver only.
In general, because there is no hard and fast rule as design implementation also comes into play, copper will sound warmer and richer and silver will sound more revealing and transparent. Gold is also warm, like copper, but captures a bit more harmonic textures. Many companies will try to combine some of these attributes by combining them, ie. silver clad copper, gold clad silver, gold clad copper, etc. From my experiences, straight silver is a bit too bright for my system/tastes. I do find that I like silver clad copper and/or gold clad silver cables though. I have also heard systems where pure silver worked very well, generally in a system with warm speakers and electronic components.

I have not listened to platinum conductors, though I have heard carbon fiber conductors, which have many of the characteristics on copper IMHO.
Sunnyjim, my Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cables are copper but interconnects (AZ Absolute) are silver. AZ Robert Lee believes that silver should contain small amount of copper to add "body". Absolute ICs contain 1% of copper while AZ Silver Reference contain 3% of copper.
If you have only listened to silver cables such as Kimbers Silver streak then I agree that silver can be harsh and too analytical.

But, Solid Silver that is of high grade, say 5N that is also soft annealed has the smoothness of copper and the air, and dynamic slam of silver.
I like Jmcgrogan2's choice of using "transparent" instead of bright to describe silver. I've used the word "honest" to describe silver assuming it's made well (geometry) and has a low absorbtion dialectric (like teflon).

Either one could be best depending on where you want to take your system.

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Thanks to all who have responded so far. The comments are helpful.....including the bad jokes.
In the theme of the original poster: If silver accentuates the highs, does copper strengthen the low notes? If one is looking for a cable material for bass enhancement what whould that be?
There are different quality levels of silver cables along with different construction and implemetation.I find the 'good' quality silver cables to be very transparent,open,pure and with natural warmth and body intact.I`ve had no issue with brightness,edge or leaness in sound.The Ocellia Silver Reference I currently usee is so far the most natural and relaxed cable I`ve ever used.
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It's all in how it's made. All silver cables do NOT sound the same. The same goes for copper, which has been around for a long time and we all know just how different they all sound.

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My experience has been silver provides a very dynamic fast bass. Very tight and powerful, for the most part some of the best performance I have heard. The highs tend towards a thinner, "open" sound that often to my ears is bright or biting. Midrange is often hollow in the silver I have heard, but if your looking for bass, try silver by all means, just watch out for potential long term fatigue.
To clarify: "Cooper" cables are made from solid lengths of rusty barrel hoops, look bad, mess up your floor, and sound terrible.
Copper is less expensive than silver.
Silver is more expensive than copper.
why have you not considered gold ?

I just tried the most amazing cables, from a small Mexican company, family owned, called Plasencia & Hijos, (plasencia & sons) , they only make 2 types of RCA silver IC's, I have been an audiophile for 3 decades, have tried many many brands, both copper and Silver, I agree to other post regarding the overall qualities of both meta.

Until I tried the P&H Blue Silvers, very affordable price/performance ratio, they keep a minimalist approach , keeping things as simple as possible, but with some interesting approach such as solder less RCA plugs, according to their website, solder degrades conductivity and copper , no matter how pure, starts to oxyde from the day your cables are manufactured. Instead, Silver Oxide becomes a better conductor than silver it self, So in order to the signal flow properly, you got to help it by taking off the equation things such as solder.

These are the best silver IC's I have ever heard , regardless of price.
Too many variables to make a definite statement about silver and copper.
The conductor gauge, dielectric material, alloys of gold/silver, etc., cable
geometry, quality of connectors, quality of solder/weld, specific application,
whether burned in on burn-in device, cryogenically treated. Demagnetized,
destaticized, elevated. These are just some of the variables. You would
think that silver, being the better conductor, would always be better,
wouldn't you?