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Currently have Kimber 8TC speaker cables and recently purchased a Mark Levinson No.526 preamp paired to Mark Levinson 532h amp and Revel speakers. Looking to upgrade speaker cables and have been looking at Cardas Clear line and also read great reviews on Audience AU24 SE . Looking to buy lightly used and want a neutral, open and a high resolution cable to capture the highly transparent and resolving attributes of the No.526 preamp. Any recommendations and thoughts on the Cardas and Audience are welcomed. 
cardas likely slightly darker smoother than 8tc
I compared the Au24 to my Acoustic Zen Satoris and could tell no difference.  The Satoris are very nicely detailed and neutral but also have very good tonality and an overall very natural presentation.  There are pairs of AZ’s higher-level Hologram ll and Absolute cables here now that would be well worth a look given your stated goals.  Best of luck. 
Never tried Kimber or Cardas but my Canare 4S11 bested my Audioquest type 4. 
I have a pair of 8' Synergist Research Atmosphere X Alive in the marketplace right now for about half their original price. I was running them between a Pass Labs INT-250 amp and GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers and really liked the sound alot. I am now running Silversmith Audio Fidelium cables and like them even more.
If you are indeed married to the KIMBER 8TC speaker cables, then I would stick with KIMBER ICs and KIMBER power cords for an intuitive cable array system synergy .... the best models that you can afford.

Both of your current ones on a first stab blind shortlist predicated solely on a review are fine options in their own right, but trying to guess which of them ( if either ) ) are optimum in your system is a crapshoot at best. 
Dedicated power lines and listening arena acoustic treatments will likely give you a larger immediate step up in audio performance (... if you have not done this already .... ) than tweaking with any speaker cables, ( especially speaker cables in isolation ) .

akg_ca.. Yeah I have a dedicated power lines with conditioner and acoustic treatments that have all helped significantly. Not really married to Kimber. I have and like Cardas Clear Light interconnects and have read & heard good things about the better lines and also Audience. Just looking for step up with industry standard/known brand, not interested in one off or off the wall cables some love to recommend here. 
Thanks for your input. 
Basically since I have a system with more resolution and finer detail involvement, looking to get the most out of the upgraded and improved performance. Also know synergy with a system sound plays in, but my current Levinson & Revel setup is pretty neutral from everything I've heard and read, so looking for neutral, detailed cables with great resolution and openness without adding warmth or grayness( being sterile). Think I'll possibly take The Cable Company or Audience & Tara Labs up on a couple loaners to hear. 

@initim...I have and like Cardas Clear Light interconnects and have read & heard good things about the better lines and also Audience... 

The "clear" line of cables has a more transparent result compared to non-clear and prior versions, each with a different signature within the Cardas lineup. 

Think I'll possibly take The Cable Company or Audience & Tara Labs up on a couple loaners to hear.
I wouldn’t recommend that.  Used cables are so common, easy, and cheap to buy (and sell) it’s almost silly to pay double for new cables unless you just want new cables.  Just my experience and opinion. 

Both cables you are considering are fine and I think you would find them more similar than dissimilar. Considering that out of all the cables the speaker cables have the most impact on the sound you might want to go up one more level taking into account the gear you have. I think either the Audience Front Row or Cardas Clear Clear Beyond will give you just what you are looking for and more. I have auditioned both in my system and went with the Cardas as I liked it just a little better but it was really close.
lwin, Thank you very much. Why do we always skimp when it comes to cables ?? LOL They do make a difference, all of them. 
The Cardas Clear reflection I use in my main system for interconnects excellent balance ,and for speaker cables 
WireWorld Eclipse 8 a excellent cable 
their Matching Eclipse 8 interconnect also very balanced , I use the Cardas on digital 
to give music just a dash extra  warmth
for so many CDs or when streaming not always the most natural recordings.
I have friends with an all-Mark Levinson electronics system driving WILSON MAXX speakers, that are cabled with an all- TRANSPARENT AUDIO array.

in a word ...  “ magical “ audio performance.
I have a buddy who owns AZ Hologram not sure what model but probably 10 years old.  He decided to try to make his own cables from a you tube video and did a very nice job.  We could not hear a difference between the DYI cables and the AZ.

Happy Listening.
Check out the Morrow Audio website. Great Stereophile reviews. And they're on sale right now. I have their lower end interconnects and speaker cables in my rig. Nice improvement over what I had.
Cardas Clear Cygnus are great!
I used Morrow Audio speaker cables and interconnects with very good results.  I upgraded speaker cables to Audioquest Rocket 88.  It was a very noticeable improvement.
if your considering a full loom, don't know how you could beat triode wire labs at any reasonable dollar point. bullet proof neutral.
Silversmith Fidelium is fantastic and Audio Envy NV-SP9 is also really worth taking a look at, great value. I’ve heard good things about Raven Audio cables, too.
Why don't you stay with Kimber? But their higher up line, the KS (Kimber Select). Significant upgrade to your current Kimber line. 
I’m with @akg_ca.....Transparent all the way. Full loom. The name says it all! I have the Gen5 Supers and all Plus level interconnects. Very, very pleased. 
There are hundreds of very good cables out there and thousands of reviews from people indicating their likes and dislikes for each of them. I have purchased cables before at audio shows mainly because they were in a good sounding room, I have read good things about them, and always got a good deal on them. If I didn’t get a good discount I wouldn’t have bought them because the big test was to bring them home and audition them with your own equipment because it’s only you can who can decide what you like. If I don’t like them, I put them up for sale. Now, I usually buy after hearing cables in friends systems or bring in multiple cables and do a shoot out between them and buy the 1 that’s sounds the best. I’m willing to try and then sell them if I don’t like them, or I’ll send them back if I have a demo period
I agree with the Fidelium Speaker Cable.
Ultra High End sound at a Mid High End price.
With the 30 day return policy, you would regret not trying them...
I would highly recommend that anyone searching for excellent cables to check out Luna, hand made in Canada.  I have a complete set (interconnects, power, and speaker) of their top level, Noir (black).   My electronics are top of the line Naim (500 Series) with the top Kuzma TT.  As each cable was introduced into my system, I was startled by just how much of a difference it made.  I won't go into the myriad adjectives available since the experience is obviously subjective, but suffice it to say, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised and impressed.  They make 5 grades so that regardless of budget, anyone can enjoy the experience.
If you want to broaden your search a fantastic cable to check out is
Thales Speaker Cable. They also make a great interconnects. 

+1 Morrow. multi stranded and each strand individually insulated. whatever the science is behind that construction, i cannot say, but it works. 
I have auditioned the components you have purchased. I called ahead and ask if I could bring a pair of interconnects to try in their system and they agreed. They were using a lower end Audioquest that was not up to the standard of the components. After a short listen  we switched to the Synergistic Research Atmosphere level 3 interconnects that I had brought along. The difference was as expected Wonderful. The cable brought out what I knew Levinson was capable of and more! There are numerous Atmosphere 1st gen cables available used on Audiogon, Try a pair between the 2 new components and you will not regret it!
Hello Initm, I have a pair of 10ft MIT 770 with the boxes on both ends of the cables if you are interested. They retail for $3,500 and will sell them for $1,000. I have a lot of cables in my inventory and slowly trying to sell off what I’ve collected.  The MIT 770 cables I have are extremely good and work extremely well with Solid State amps. I’ve switched to tube mono blocks so the cables have been in storage. If interested email me at, lowtubes@gmail.com
   Rgs, Charlie
Oh, I’ve heard your Kimber 8TC many times and it’s not the most clear and open sounding cable in its price category. I’ve heard it many times throughout the last 20yrs. I find Cardas cables to be very colored and sorta warm sounding. So going by your opening memo, I would avoid Cardas.  I’ve never heard anything from Audience so I cannot comment about this company.  BTW, comparing the MIT 770s against Cardas, 770s will be more open, neutral, with great transparent and full midrange, extended smooth and silky highs and the most solid bass you ever heard. And a very dimensional soundstage. 
Another plus one on the Fidelium. Much better sounding cable than any of the Audience 24 series. ( had them all)   Trial and you can’t beat the price. Best bass definition you will find under a grand. Very detailed but in a warmer way which makes no sense but you have to hear them. 
Thanks for all the responses, I purchased a set here on Agon and after I get and listen to I will give a brief review. 
I will reveal after my audition.  
A set of cables, duh! 🙂
The cable you need is up to the length and Amp's Df (=160).
For 9 feet / 2.5 m you need an 6 AWG thick cable.
It is irrelevant who makes it.
If the length is longer than 9', so should the AWG get smaller (thicker cable).
For such a cable (with those characteristics) no other will sound better. 

Thank You for the Cable reviews. You are correct, in that, Cabling does make a difference. Keep up the excellent work!

Happy Listening!