Speaker cables - long - for Von Schweikert

I have a pair of VR 4 jr's, usually powered by two Golden Tube SE-40's (run as monoblocks, 80 wpc). I need 25-foot biwire cables, which means I can't afford the expensive stuff. I listen to all kinds of music except hard rock. Any suggestions for affordable stuff that will work well with my jr's, in a long run?

Thanks - David
Two suggestions. Both will work very well.

Canare 4S11 Starquad. This runs about $1.20/foot. So, $60 for a 25 foot pair.

MAS Reference Hybrid. About $800 for a 25 foot pair.

Both have four conductors, so they can be used in a bi-wire configuration.

I have used both with VonSchweikert VR4 Gen III HSE. They're both good. The MAS is better.

If you're interested in a used pair of MAS that are unterminated (a little under 30 feet), then send me an email.
Thanks, Tvad. I'll check into these two options!
I used to have 9-meter (27+ foot) Cardas Golden Ref speaker cables on my
VSR VR7 HSEs. They were great--smooth and balanced with a Pass X350 amp. I sold the VSRs because the bass was too strong for my room, but that was not because of the cables. The long Cardas GRs also served me well with Aerial 10Ts (very natural mids and highs). I still have them with my Harbeth SHL5s, and they are fine.
Hi Magister,

I use 25-ft long Mapleshade cables with a 50W tube amp.
It works fine. You can easily send them back if you don't like them.


I have same VS VR-4jr. You have to try "Morrow Audio" SP2 Biwire & you will be surprised how good they are for $$$.Good Luck.
First a disclosure---I own PNF Audio.

Second. we offer the Symphony in custom lenghts and can make in 25ft with biwire. Price right around or possibly under $500

Email us if interested