Speaker cables like Audience AU24 E but cheaper

Hi, I have some Audience AU24Es on loan from The Cable Company and they are fantastic; neutral, detailed, great balance and extension, great imaging; it's got everything. Quite a step up in transparency and refinement from my current Wireworld Oasis 6.

Only problem - very expensive!

I'd like some suggestions on speaker cables that play to similar strengths, but are cheaper.

As reference, the new Cardas Clear Sky I find to be clear in the mids and treble, but slightly sterile and missing bass, and the Acoustic Zen Satori, which is warm and pleasant, but not enough of a step up from the Wireworld in terms of transparency, as well as being freaking massive.
Auditorium 23. Very similar but more refined, and half the price.
Once you've found cables that suit your taste, I would make every effort to acquire them if possible. Audience cables often come up used and the company offers superior service if you need to have them reterminated or whatever. If you buy something else, you'll just be wishing you bought the Audience and you'll sell them at a loss and spend even more. IMO, bite the bullet, look for a used pair at a good price, do a bit of haggling and grit your teeth. You'll be happier in the end. If you can't do that, perhaps the Audience Maestro or Conductor would work for you? Same company and a lot less money.
I am leaning to your way of thinking, Chayro, but I've never spent so much on cabling before.

The Auditoriums sound really interesting but are also actually not much cheaper than Audience.
MIT is excellent
Your problem is that you can hear the difference between the Audience and what you have. That means you'll need to spend money. If you had worse ears your wallet would be better off. The good part is, wires last a long time, so once you take the plunge, you'll have them for many years of listening pleasure.