Speaker Cables & Interconnects for Threshold Gear

Can any of you Threshold philes or any audiogoner tell me, what you have found to be the best speaker cables & interconnects to work with the Threshold gear. I also need a good power cord. Looking for something that will really make a difference, but don't want to have to sell the kindey. Thanks for sharing your experence.
Threshold- SA/ 3.9e amp.
" " fet/10 preamp
" " 1/e dac
I used way back the Discovery cables.They worked very nicely. They were very resonable $$ wise and I do realize there are probably better cables for more money,but on the cheap they work well. They have a touch of warmth and body,which is/was a trademark of the Discovery line. I would also recommend that for more money I would consider ...for Amp Power Cords -Dcca cords or Vh Audio Airsine and Cardas Golden Ref. for i/cs and sp.cables.That would be a starting point for me...Good luck..
I'm really, really happy with Alpha-core MI speaker cables connected to my Threshold S/500 series II amp. Thanks Sean! I'm led to believe that the supplied RC links (Zobels) are absolutley required with Threshold amps. I don't know for sure, but I suspect these cables may be even better on a pure class A amp such yours. Threshold used to market speaker cables called "Weber Wire". These were multi-stranded speaker cables braided in a flat fashion. There is a reterminated, 1 meter pair currently for sale here on Audiogon. Other than that I don't know much about them.
I don't have any personal recommendations for interconnects. I have been told by a fellow Audiogoner who collects Threshold gear that Tara works well. Another Audiogoner who's had a lot of experience with Threshold recommended DH Labs. Jon Soderberg recommended Kimber,Cleartone and DH Labs. He also said that the Threshold's are reputed to be sensitive to power cables. My own limited experience confirms this. Jon sold me an inexpensive power cord that worked much better than a much fancier looking one I had on loan. In all honesty this may have been due to the fact that the female end was less bulky and therefore was not pulling itself from the amp like the fancy heavy duty one. While I have not tried these power cords myself; on the low end of the price scale the DH Labs and on the high end of the price scale the BMI's have been recommended.
Please share your findings. I for one, am most interested.
Tmoon, I still use my SA-1 monoblocks to bi-amp my speakers in my main system. I also have a dear friend who uses Threshold gear and we both use Acoustic Zen wires through out our total systems.

I have posted in the past a review of the AZ Absolute wires you might find helpful, which also contains information regarding the Silver reference II and Matrix reference II that you might find useful.

I think the Acoustic Zen wires are a great matchup with Threshold gear, so you might want to consider them for a home audition to see if they match your personnal taste and have synergy with your total system
Thanks guys for your advice, I am using MIT interconnects and speakers cabls now. I upgraded to these from straight wire. I find the MIT wires are alot more musical with a much better image. I think they also give me a wider soundstage.

Can you tell me how the MIT's wpuld comapre to the Acoutic Zen wires.

Thanks again for your help!
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