speaker cables & Interconnects for NAD/PSB system

I have put together a modest system comprising of
NAD C521i cd player
NAD C320BEE amp
PSB 5T speakers

Can anyone with experience with these or similar components recommend cabling ?
I need a 8' or 10' foot pair of speaker cable prefer pre terminated (not going to go with bi-wire yet)
and a 0.5m interconnect for the amp to the cd player.
I will go used or new but I am trying to keep it relatively inexpensive, under $100 would be great but am willing to go to no more then $200.
Thank you all for your assistance.....
Hi Redtree:
Check out the following thread on a very similar topic from this week http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1063903275. Having a similar set-up, I would recommend Signal Cable http://www.signalcable.com. If you go this route, the speaker cable on the NAD side would take the standard (not the upgrade) spade clip.
Regards, Rich

Thank you for your input. I spent the last few hours reading the forums for comments on signalcable and found them to be very positive.
Much appreciated,

Redtree,I had an NAD C350 and C521 hooked up to PSB Image
5t's.I recently upgraded to a Rotel RB1050 power amp,RC1070
cd player and AES AE-3 preamp.I still use the 5t's.Cables in both setups are the same.Kimber 8vs speaker cables and
Vampire CC interconnects.I'm very happy with them.The Kimbers cost about $125 and the Vampire CC's are about $20
per pair.
I have PSB Stratus Bronzes biamped to Marantz Reference amps for music and the Psb Image 2B's hooked to Marantz SR 7000 for music and HT. Both have Kimber 8PR speaker cables and Kimber Hero interconnects. I am pleased with both and value is excellent - about $100 each for cable and interconnect.
john dean