speaker cables/ ic's for m .logan prodigies/krell

HI please help an aussie new to this forum who is in a state of flux and stress re suitable cables for the following set up.. krell KPS 25sc player/preamp.krell fpb 600 amp. martin logan progigy speakers..we dont get to audition muchn gear down here so tis difficult.I have tried harmonic technology magic link 2 ic and the new pro 9 ref spkr cables but am hearing lots and have been to m logan user site and seems that purist audio r good with prodigies. ? thinking of buying venustas with perhaps the aqueous aureus ic's ? please help .. cant liisten to purist gear w/o buying !thx don

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I had Prodigys before my CLX's and used Synergistic Research cables with great results. great cables from a great company.