Speaker Cables & IC for ARC REF. 6 & CD8

Hi all. I'm currently looking for some (1) speaker cable & interconnects and [b](2) power conditioners & power cords[/b], and was hoping if you could give me some insight as to which would best match my system:

- PASSLAB X350.5
- B&W 803D

Thank you so much in advance; any help at all would be very much appreciated!
Try some MIT Generation 3 cabling from Joe Abrams at Equus Audio. He offers substantial discounts and a 30 day in home trial. I would give the shotgun series or higher a try for your setup.
Thank you very much for your reply; it's been extremely helpful!

I'll look more into the brand that you've listed while I make my decision. :)
I also have an ARC Preamp with the Pass Labs X350 and Thiel CS6. I use all MIT cables. They sound great. Previous cables used were Nordost, Clear Audio and way back, KimberKable. I prefer the MIT cables. The speaker cables look as cool as they sound. I wasn't sure about having extra connections on the network boxes, but nothing seems to be lost. The bass is so much better compared to other speaker cables. That was the biggest difference to me as well as improvements to everything else.